DeathSpank Weeklong Exclusive

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#1 Posted by Sylinder (87 posts) -
Finally, some more insight on this game. 
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#2 Posted by buzz_killington (3654 posts) -

Canadian TV ran a story a couple of weeks ago about this game. They kept repeating the phrase "funded by government". Anyways, I hope this turns out to be a great adventure game.

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#3 Posted by vidiot (2891 posts) -

 "...Hothead calls the game a mixture of the adventure aspects from a game like his own The Secret of Monkey Island with the combat and role-playing of a Diablo, and seeing it now, that's almost exactly how I'd describe it..."  

Vidiot Wants!
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#4 Edited by Sylinder (87 posts) -
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#5 Posted by Sylinder (87 posts) -

Oh man, I can`t wait. This game looks pretty sick with the art style. 
Hope the GB crew does some kind of coverage of this game at PAX, especially since there still ain`t a whole lot of info on the actual gameplay out there.

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