Game Mechanic Rage

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Right now i'm pretty pissed off. I hate it when a game has a game mechanic that completly wrecks the game, or puts you in a spot where you can't get through. In my instance im stuck on deathspank.  
When you die you respawn at the last outhouse, i.e. checkpoint. You can fast travel from these aswell, apart from inside dungeons. In dungeons they only serve as places to respawn. Im in a dungeon and have to fight a nanny demon at the end. She killed me, so i respawned at the last outhouse. You only respawn however with about 1/5 of your overall health. So now i have to fight her with 1/5 of my health. Seems an odd decision by the game designers really. if you died its clearly because you werent strong/powerful enough to kill an enemy, by making you respawn with 1/5 heath they are then making that encounter 5 times harder.  
So on top of that i've used all my health potions etc. So i figured i'd head back to the last town, stock up and come and beat the demon. BUT all the demons in the mine have respawned. So now i have 1/5 health and i have to fight my way out of an entire dungeon. Which i can't seem to do as so many enemys in this game can one hit you.  
There is a blocking system, but its either crap or i can't use it. by pressing R2 you bring a up a shield which blocks all hits. But if you want to use a sword the shield goes down. Makes sense so far. the problem is that deathspank swings back his sword before hitting, and during this animation i tend to get hit by the enemy whos just hitting constantly. I can keep alternating circle and R2. but this only leads to me blocking everything with the shield and just waving my sword behind me. There just isnt enough time to hit and block without getting hurt. At this on top of the above problem and here i am. annoyed at what was a really fun little game.
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wah wah wah.  baby is a baby. 
i know exactly where you are.  Use Ice (duh).

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ha ha, fair play! I went back with your supportive comments (wiping my baby tears) and kicked that nanny demons ass. I take it you've finished deathspank then?

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