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How are the chances looking for a PC version of this?

#2 Posted by s7evn (1067 posts) -

I doubt it, though it might go to steam. You never know.

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I don't see why Gilbert wouldn't want it on PC in some way or another, especially with a service like Steam being around.  As far as I know, there was a PC version in development apparently, but it's not on the site anymore, as if that's not in the works any longer.  I sincerely do hope it ends up on PC, I'd much rather have it on PC than anything else and since it's Ron Gilbert, I'd say it'll probably pop up in a month or two...

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Yeah they refered to it in the Deathspank newsletter as the [REDACTED] Version

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The more that I play the console versions with their four weapons at all times approach to action RPGness, I'm kinda wondering how they are going to translate said face-button reliant controls to the PC version. Obviously there will be 360 pad support and of course you can simply modify your left/right clicks with ctrl, shift, alt, and so forth but a lot of the combat in DeathSpank is built around combo-ing weapons together.
With the recent trend of locking down keybindings in console-first PC games it has me worried a bit. (and I don't mean editing INI files and such but actual in-game total key re-mapping support)
Either way I want it and I want it now as the PS3 version tears to an embarrassing extent and the 360 version costs $20 because you can't purchase $15 worth of space-bux.
edit: Well what do ya know...turns out via zune.net you can purchase points in increments of 1200.

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@FellOpenIan:  What about wasd movement and arrow keys for attacking? That seems like it'd work. Lego Harry Potter pulled off all keyboard controls quite nicely, I'm sure DeathSpank could too.
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i think they are talking about a PC version that will get released soon. :)

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@JamesBoyce:  you are aware Ron Gilbert hasn't worked at Hothead for almost a year now right?
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@XxBarretxX: He left in April when the game was pretty much finished. Minus bug-fixing I would assume.
I don't know how I'd feel using strictly the keyboard for a Diabloesque game on the PC. I mean, It worked for the gamepad, but it would just feel wrong on the PC. Maybe two weapons for the two mouse buttons and one assigned on the spacebar? I dunno. It's a difficult thing to decide.
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@Mysterysheep:  or they just leave in gamepad support like most modern pc games nowadays and you won't have to worry bout that.
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@Marz: But what about all those PC snobs who refuse to use a gamepad on a PC because they consider it unholy.

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