The Dam of the Damned

#1 Posted by metamorphysical (5 posts) -

I have the wheel spokes and I'm inside of the dam.  I have tried right clicking, left clicking, double clicking on the gear and the wheel spokes but it won't fix the gears.  Am I doing something wrong?  Standing in the wrong spot?  I can't figure it out.  Even tried leaving the game and reloading to see if the game was having a brain fart.

#2 Posted by JaredA (845 posts) -

Have you dropped the box on the termite mounds yet?

#3 Posted by metamorphysical (5 posts) -
Yeah I have did the box and the wheel at the termites

#4 Posted by metamorphysical (5 posts) -

Nevermind after about 50 attempts for some reason I had to drop the wheel then I was able to use it in the dam.  Thanks anyways. game had a brainfart or something.

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