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Will somebody think of the children? No? Okay. 5

Deathspank flows through the system like a combination of mixed drugs. It’s a video game speedball; the mixture of coke and heroine that killed your favorite actors and musicians. In my case, the injection of Deathspank caused heart failure to my social life, diet and exercise routine. Or at least it did for all of 12 hours between first downloading the game and now. I am kind of astonished that I finished it at such a quick pace, survived and was eager to write the review so soon. If anything, ...

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A Game for Those Who Love Tooltips 4

Yes, that's a thong in the logo. I know momma always said not to judge a book by its cover, but DeathSpank?  Really?  OK, terrible name aside, a big part of what makes DeathSpank DeathSpank is the writing.  There has clearly been a whole lot of time and thought put into every bit of text and voice over in the game.  Ron Gilbert's humor is evident everywhere, and while I personally am not always a huge fan, there's definitely some stuff that made me laugh out loud while I was playing.    Many...

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You have completely cheated Death, and Spanked him into submissio 0

Welcome, people, to the town of Pluckmuckle. This is one of the most integral places in the new XBLA title DeathSpank. The 3/4 top-down-perspective-action-adventure-hack-and-slash-roleplaying game, from the mind of Ron Gilbert, is true and true Diablo meets Monkey Island. The characters are olde fantasy to a t, and the action is nothing but loot based. A little backstory coming atcha! You play as DeathSpank, the titular character, a "Dispenser of Justice," and basically a vagabond hero. You w...

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Passable action fails to buoy weak design 0

Do you burst into uncontrollable laughter at fart jokes? Does the sight of underpants induce paroxysms of hearty gut chuckles in you? Then tighten your safety helmet, wipe yourself off with your drool bib, and find an adult to buy this game for you immediately, because you're in for a nonstop laugh riot!  If, however, scatological humor isn't satisfying to you, then DeathSpank probably won't win you over with its hilarious writing. Instead, it falls to the gameplay to entertain, and here there a...

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Calling all cliché 0

DeathSpank is an action RPG developed by Hothead Games in collaboration with Ron Gilbert (of Monkey Island fame). Although the game is described as being Diablo-esque with spatterings of Monkey Island, the game pulls its punches with both of these elements and never reaches its full potential.  You play as DeathSpank, hero to the downtrodden, etcetera etcetera, a dense meathead of a hero that has dedicated his life to being a hero worthy of an ancient artifact ...

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Looting with humor 0

DeathSpank is a downloadable game available on XBLA and PSN. DeathSpank tries to take the Diablo formula of bashing (or spanking) endless hordes of monsters to death,collect their precious items and level up in the hunt for better stats. You start out in the end of your search of a legendary item of unimaginable power called simply "The artifact". Your hunt for the artifact will take you on a perilous journey through the lands as you meet orphans, other heroes trying to complete their quest logs...

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Short and sweet. But mostly short. 0

 From the moment I first heard of DeathSpank coming to PSN, I knew I had to get it. As an old Monkey Island fan I couldn't let anything Ron Gilbert slip past me - and besides, the premise looked interesting enough: An manly superhero battling his way through hordes of evil, with glory everywhere? Sure, sign me up! I was intrigued as to DeathSpank's grand adventure to acquire "The Artifact", even if I was a little put off by the fact that you basically start the game at the END of DeathSpank's g...

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A quirky adventure plagued by reptition. 0

Deathspank, an amazing game with humor everywhere but too repetitive for it's own good.  Presentation  5/5      The art style that this game utilizes is very simple yet beautiful at the same time. It reminds the player of a pop-up book from their childhood. The world feels like a giant sphere as you travel through it, backgrounds fade downward as you walk away and new ones seemingly pop-up as you draw closer. The textures are well done and the details put into everything shows a lot of dedicatio...

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Deathspank: A Tale of Swords and Satire 0

  Sometimes it takes a person to step back and really observe a subject before true humor can be derived from it. This is an old principle and not one shy to the video games market. An example of this would be the Grand Theft Auto series, the developer of which, Rockstar North, is based in Scotland. The intrinsic wit throughout the game, most notably on the radio stations, parodies US culture, politics and multimedia. It is because of this outward view that the British based developer can se...

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Not terrible, but... 0

 DeathSpank is the latest game to feature Ron Gilbert's involvement, famous for creating The Secret of Monkey Island, among other games. Originally a comic strip character featured in one of Gilbert's Grumpy Gamer series, DeathSpank the game can be summed up as a loot game, similar to Diablo. However, the main difference (and gimmick) here is that the story and characters act as a parody to that genre, and the entire game itself is very much based around its humor. While this definitely a...

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A very worthy downloadable title 0

DeathSpank is a game that I see getting a lot of mixed opinions about lately. Some like it for what it is, while others see what it isn't and wish it were more. I am of the former group. Growing up playing mostly console games, I do not really have much experience in the loot driven hack and slash RPG genre. There are a few great exceptions but for the most part the genre has a pretty scarce amount of offerings available on consoles.I feel that DeathSpank does a great job at offering a good slic...

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Greetings Jocular Downloadable Time Passer!! 0

So is it Diablo crossed with The Secret of Monkey Island? Not really, but it’s an action RPG with loot like Diablo, and it has humorous dialogue like in Secret of Monkey Island. Deathspank is the latest game from Ron Gilbert who is the creative mind behind the Monkey Island series and Maniac Mansion. It’s available for download on Xbox Live Arcade and also the Playstation Store for $15. I really liked Deathspank, but for various reasons it falls short of being a big glowing recommendation. Story...

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It's like Diablo, but funny. 0

Let's face it, most RPGs take themselves way too seriously. Whether it's chasing down Satan, saving a kingdom, stopping evil corporations, or trying to battle against an invading force, with the exceptions of maybe a few nods in mission titles or dialog, most RPGs have no sense of humor.  DeathSpank decided that the world has had its share of serious RPGs. It's time to giggle while you save the world. From the opening cutscene explaining how DeathSpank's story involves "Steel and death and bacon...

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DS presents qualities with a share of problems and shortcomings 0

Among all of the Diablo clones I have played, Deathspank is the best. It delivers a very smooth and fluent game-play you expect from a Diablo-like game combined with some nice humor and decent story which other clones lack. Deathspank, who calls himself vanquisher of evil, dispencer of justice and hero to the downtrodden has a mission of finding an artifact simply called " the artifact " from a red haired woman in armor called Sandy. He obtains the artifact through some events, but then shortly...

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Worth every Oprhan... 0

There was a cut scene in the middle of DeathSpank that had me laughing out loud. People often use hyperbole in describing classic adventure games, particularly those of Ron Gilbert. I don't think I have ever fallen out of my chair in laughter and the only joke I recall laughing out loud for during the Monkey Island series was the surreal dream sequence in the second one. I'm not saying those games weren't funny, I'm just saying they weren't the type of humour you split your sides to. To be funny...

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Although brief, Deathspank's mindless adventure is worth it. 0

The sense of humor portrayed in Hothead Game’s Deathspank is the deciding factor of what makes the overall product so great.  To it’s credit, Deathspank is not very revolutionary, nor does it strive to do anything unique or refreshing.  But because it never takes itself too serious the end result is a pretty fun, although usually ridiculous, romp through a quest of hilariously ludicrous intent. You play as the hero Deathspank, a self-aware, broad-shouldered generic super hero looking for the ne...

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A Fantastical Journey Into a Self-Aware Land 0

   DeathSpank's art style closely resembles that of developer Hothead's previous series, Penny Arcade Adventures.    When going into something that telegraphs its intentions as clearly as DeathSpank, I’m usually turned off by it. There’s almost always a nagging thought that regularly reminds me, “Isn’t this funny? You should be laughing, because this is supposed to be funny.” I have the same kind of reaction to things that are supposed to scare or move you, or even when someone’s told me somethi...

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Deathspank- Those orphans won't rescue themselves 0

Deathspank                         XBLA  and PSN                        Release date 7/14/10       Deathspank is an action RPG developed by Ron Gilbert (Diablo, Monkey Island) of Hothead Games, in which you meet the mighty hero Deathspank. He is the savior of the downtrodden and noble dispenser of justice. You’ll find yourself in a typical RPG environment with enemies ranging from chickens to dragons on your quest to obtain The Artifact! (Yeah that’s a part of the comedy in the game.) That’...

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Tries to hard and falls on its face 0

Deathspank was a bit of a disappointment.  I was a fan of the penny arcade games (although I did not buy them my self I played my roommate's) and I have always loved diablo style games.  Deathspank is only 1200 mS points but still there is not enough gameplay to justify the price.  The four buttion mashing combat is simple at best.  The visuals are good for an arcade game, no complaint there.  But the real place that if flounders is one of its selling points, its humor.  I love games like Psycho...

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Entertaining Hack & Slash 0

It's a  fun, goofy, hack & slash with some dry humor thrown in.  It lost a lot of it's charm about half way through but I was invested enough by then to see it through to the finish.  The block and combo mechanics are pretty forgetable and I didn't even use them most of the time.  Equipment management is saved by an auto feature which keeps you out of menus for the most part.  It's a fun time waster, but nothing to laud about.    ...

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DeathSpank Review 0

Deathspank, a game imagined and realized by Ron Gilbert and Hot Head Games, thrusts you into the role of DeathSpank hero to the downtrodden, and adventurer extrordinaire. You will find a multitude of weapons at your disposal as you battle chickens, demons, pips, and orques. You'll be given a wide range of quests ranging from collecting felt to collecting cans. The most important quest, however, is to capture the artifact for a lady with red hair.Graphically this game looks like it utilizes the s...

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Quick, dirty, fun. 0

 When I first saw this game, the giant man with a lightning rod and name Deathspank kind of pulled at me. I installed the game and was quickly taken into the world of Deathspank. Though not terribly difficult, this game is fast paced, fun, and highly entertaining. It has it "what the" moments, as well as it's moments that have you in stitches. Some of the dialogs are obvious and have the "see it coming" feel, but most are just plain funny. I rarely scroll through dialogs more than once, ...

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Death Spank hits the right notes, but just a tad bit too softly 0

  This is a game from one of the minds that brought about Lucasarts golden age of adventure gaming with his crowning achievement being those Monkey Island games. It's pretty much a diablo type game where you have direct control of your guy, and there's a ton of loot and you go and do quests till you finish. The big thing in this game is it's humor and it's hit and miss.+'sThe game is pretty funny at times Every item, weapon and piece of armor has it's own short description and more than o...

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Diablo’s diabolical cousin. 0

Known as the birth child of Diablo and the Monkey Island series, DeathSpank is all about loot, slashing things up, and comedy. If you’re not a fan of Diablo-style gaming, this is not going to be your cup of tea. And if you enjoy Diablo but take your games seriously, don’t bother. DeathSpank does everything but take itself seriously. You play as DeathSpank, a dumb-as-bricks “heroic” hero, trying to locate the generic Artifact. In a sense, DeathSpank is a good blend on The Tick and your typical wa...

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Despite It's Repetitiveness, Deathspank Is Still Quite a Fun Game 0

  Perhaps the last two games you would expect to hear in the same sentence are Blizzard's Diablo franchise and Telltale's Monkey Island series. Ron Gilbert and Hothead games have combined these two game types into one, and it is called Deathspank. Deathspank, you say? Yes, Deathspank, the game is named after ultra-ridiculous...

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The humor is top notch, but the game gets repetitive and dull 0

DeathSpank is a funny game – a really funny game. It is one of the most genuinely funny games to come out in a long time. It is really close to being a great game, but some design flaws bog it down and it starts to get boring about five hours in. It is an action RPG in the style of Diablo, and loot lust is implemented very well. On top of that, it offers a semi open-ended world to explore, which gives it a much richer adventuring feel than Diablo. Unfortunately, character development is so poorl...

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