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  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 225
  • Eye: Blue (right eye covered by patch)
  • Hair: White

Before there was a Deathstroke

When Slade Wilson was a young man, he lied to the army about his age in an attempt to join.

In the army he proved that he was in a level superior to any other young soldier.

In the army he met Adeline Kane, his instructor, who he later began a romantic relationship with. Eventually they wed.

After the marriage Adeline had a son, Grant Wilson (Later the first Ravager). However Slade Wilson continued to be an active soldier in the army.

Soon after that Slade offered himself for a medical experiment done by the army to create meta-humans soldiers (similar to the origin of Captain America).

However the experiment wasn't a success and Slade was bedridden for a while, this caused the government to drop the project.

After a time however, Deathstroke discovered that this experiment enhanced everything from his sight, smell and strength to his reflexes.

Soon after this Adeline and Slade had a new son named Joseph Wilson (Later Jericho).

Anything for a friend

When Wintergreen was sent on a suicide mission and was captured, Slade asked his superiors to help him. However, after they denied him their help, he took a costume (similar to his Deathstroke costume) and went to save him. Although he was able to save Wintergreen he was expelled from the army.

After this he decided to dedicate himself to hunting; however this wasn't enough to make Slade feel the excitement that he felt when he was in the army.

I am Deathstroke the Terminator

Slade left the hunting and, without his family's knowledge, he created the costume and name of Deathstroke the Terminator, probably the greatest mercenary the world would ever know.

The tragedy of Joseph

Deathstroke became one of the world's greatest mercenary and thanks to this he was always receiving contracts to assassinate important people.

One of his contracts was to kill one of the colonels of Quarac. After he did the president of that country sent Jackal (a terrorist) and his group to try to find out who was responsible for hiring him to kill the colonel.

Jackal arrived at Deathstroke's house and kidnapped Joseph in an attempt to make sure that Deathstroke would tell him who was the one that gave him the contract. Because of the kidnapping, Slade admitted to Addie that he was Deathstroke the Terminator and that it was because of his mercenary business that Joseph was in trouble.

When Addie and Deathstroke went to fight Jackal they found their son held by one of the Jackal's minions with a knife on his throat. When the Jackal offered the freedom of Deathstroke's son for the information he needed, Deathstroke refused, because that would go against his code of honor.

Deathstroke tried to defeat the Jackal's men and save Joseph, however he wasn't fast enough; although he was able to save his life, the man was able to cut Joseph's throat, leaving him mute forever.

I lost my eye because of you

Deathstroke has no right eye.

Addie was furious because of Slade's actions to become a mercenary without telling them and also putting in risk the life of her two sons.

Addie shot Deathstroke in an attempt to kill him; however, thanks to his enhanced reflexes, he was able to save his life, only losing his right eye.

After that, Addie left Slade and kept the custody of the two children, raising them by herself without any contact from Deathstroke.

The Ravager

Deathstroke's first son, Grant Wilson, decided to follow his father's footsteps, so he went to military school. After that, Grant Wilson took a contract from the H.I.V.E to kill all members of the New Teen Titans (This contract was originally declined by Deathstroke).

Grant Wilson was granted a costume similar to the one used by Deathstroke and powers similar to those of his father. However things didn't turn out well and Grant died battling the titans. Deathstroke decided to honor his son so he took the contract and swore to destroy the Teen Titans.

Teen Titans: The Judas contract

Slade tried to kill the New Teen Titans himself, however the combined powers of the team were too much for Deathstroke to handle.

Deathstroke later met a teenager named Tara Markov aka Terra (Geo-Force's cousin). Thanks to the incredible powers that Terra had and the fact that she could be easily manipulated thanks to her strange hate for everything, Deathstroke teamed up with her and they started developing a plan to destroy the Teen Titans from within.

Terra joined the New Teen Titans and worked there as a double agent to give Deathstroke information about the titans real identities, strengths, weakness, etc.

When they finally started the final part of Deathstroke's plan they started haunting every member of the teen titans. Everyone was captured except Kid Flash (Wally West) who had just left the team and the heroic business so he wasn't attacked and Robin (Dick Grayson) who had also left the titans in search for a new identity now that he had left the Robin mantle; he was still attacked by Deathstroke, however, he was able to escape. After that, Dick Grayson, with his new persona Nightwing, along with Deathstroke's other son Jericho (Joseph) went to rescue the other members from the H.I.V.E.

Terra died battling the Titans and Deathstroke was defeated thanks in great part to Jericho's help.

After that Deathstroke faced the court because of his crimes against the teen titans, however he was freed because Beast Boy sabotaged the trial to kill him.

After that Beast Boy challenged Deathstroke for a final battle to the death, Deathstroke appeared, however he wasn't using his costume, instead of that he went there dressed as a normal man to make Beast Boy realize that he wasn't there to fight but to prove him that he wasn't responsible for Terra's death.

During their confrontation Beast Boy realized that Deathstroke didn't manipulate Terra and that she acted on her own will and insanity.

Deathstroke later started hunting once again in order to try to have a normal life again.

Titans Hunt

Slade would later return to be Deathstroke, however this time he only took contracts that his honor code could let him. He even became an ally of the Titans.

When the Titans were captured by the Wildebeest Society Deathstroke helped the New titans to track the Society. Much to their surprise, the leader of the Wildebeest Society was a corrupted Jericho.

When Jericho was transferring the souls of Azarath to the bodies of the Titans, the real Jericho resurfaced and begged his father to save him. Without any other choice, Deathstroke killed his son by driving a sword through his body, caused a great deal of grief, as he felt that it was his fault that both of his sons died.

The second Ravager

Some time later Deathstroke was able to save the president of the U.S., however he was also blamed for the murder of a senator.

Deathstroke became a fugitive and tried to go underground until he could clear his name, however his friends and family began to be hunted by a new Ravager. They battled, and Deathstroke was able to kill the new Ravager.

Some time later, Deathstroke managed to clear his name after proving that it was all part of Crimelord's plan because of his insanity caused by the Mento helmet.

Becoming immortal

During this time Deathstroke discovered that besides his abilities and his healing factor, he was also immortal.

Rose Wilson

Some time later, Deathstroke discover that he had a daughter called Rose, her mother being a prostitute names Sweet Lili Worth who Slade had spent time with after his divorce from Addie. Deathstroke didn't want to get close to her because of what happened to his other two sons.

When Rose's mother died, Deathstroke decided that the best thing she could do is leave her under the care of Wintergreen.

The death of Adeline Kane

When Deathstroke worked again with the newly formed Titans against the H.I.V.E., he discovered that his ex-wife Addie had become insane due to a blood transfer from Slade, this transfer also gave her the power of immortality. Begging to die, Starfire was able to kill Addie and end her suffering by using all her power against her.

After this Deathstroke broke all relationships with the titans and became a enemy once again.

I've got my son inside of me

When the young justice core members became the newest incarnation of the teen titans, Deathstroke discovered that the spirit of Jericho took refuge inside his body remaining undetected by ages.

Deathstroke tried to get rid of his son with the help of Wintergreen, however in self-defense, Jericho (controlling his dad's body) killed Wintergreen and decided to try to destroy the newest incarnations of the Teen Titans in an attempt to prevent other teenagers from dying because they tried to be heroes.

Jericho left his father's body and started attacking the Titans using their own bodies against them, however he was trapped in Cyborg's eye, who downloaded him into a small disk.

After that Deathstroke decided to recruit his daughter as her newest ally and as the fourth Ravager. He used in her a serum similar to the one he used to get his powers in the first place, however this made her go crazy and cut out her own eye to look like her dad.

Identity Crisis

Deathstroke was hired by Doctor Light to protect him from almost all members of the original justice league along with the new bearers of the Flash and Green Lantern mantles. He battled and almost defeated the team formed by Elongated Man, Hawkman, Atom, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Zatanna, Wally West and Kyle Rayner. Unfortunately, when he was trying to gain control of Kyle's ring, Green Arrow jumped and put an arrow in his right side, making him lose his temper and leading to his defeat.

Deathstroke & Renegade

Nightwing tried to join the Secret Society of Super Villains to destroy it from within, however his only way to do it was to ask Deathstroke for membership and reveal him his real identity. Nightwing left a little message to Deathstroke in an attempt to talk to him, they battle but the battle is interrupted by the new Ravager. Deathstroke decides to let Nightwing in, if he trains his daughter in all he knows.

After that Nightwing takes the new identity of "Renegade" and starts training Ravager.

Renegade also used that time to start converting Rose into a hero once again.

Deathstroke and Nightwing make a deal that the society wouldn't touch Blüdhaven and in exchange Nightwing would leave Rose alone, however the deal didn't last because Deathstroke blew a little later Blüdhaven using Chemo.

A enraged Nightwing revealed to Rose that the kryptonite that her father put in her eye was poisoning her and that it would eventually kill her. After this Ravager breaks any relationship with her dad.

Battle of Metropolis

During the battle of Metropolis Deathstroke was confronted by the team-up of Batman, Nightwing and Robin. They easily defeated him, however when he was asked for his reasons to leave his code of honor he responded that it was because he lost his daughter as well as his other two sons and that it was all because of Nightwing's fault.


Deathstroke was seeing briefly during 52, taking advantage of the hole in Batgirl's heart that Batman left with Robin and Nightwing and without her and that he decided to ask Harvey Dent to take care of Gotham and not she.

One Year Later

Deathstroke decided to take revenge on Green Arrow because of what he did to him in identity crisis. They battle and Green Arrow defeats him, however it was later explained that Deathstroke let him win to enter the prison because he needed to talk to someone there.

Deathstroke's Titans

Deathstroke rebuilt the old titan's tower and recruited a new team consisting on Match, Risk, Captain Crusader, Duela Dent, Enigma, Sungirl, Inertia and a insane Batgirl.

He used that team to attack the titans, they captured them, however they were able to escape and battle again. Batgirl and Duela joined the side of the teen titans and battled Deathstroke's team. However they were too much for them to handle and Deathstroke's team won, however Raven was able to recruit Nightwing, Donna Troy, Beast Boy and Bart Allen and with their help the Teen Titans easily defeated Deathstroke's team, however both Deathstroke and Inertia were able to escape.

It was later revealed that the real reason to make that team was to give Ravager and Jericho (Just reborn) a family with the titans, something he could never give them.

Powers & Abilities

Enhanced Mind

Enhanced Reflexes

Enhanced Strenght

Enhanced Stamina

Enhanced Speed

Enhanced Senses

Regenerative Healing Factor

Enhanced Immunity

Slower Aging

Skilled Martial Artist

Other Media

Deathstroke appeared as the core villain in the Teen Titans animated series, however since the name "Deathstroke" was deemed unacceptable for use in a children's cartoon, he was called by his name, "Slade."

There will be an animated movie based on the Judas contract.

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