So this is going to be at TGS?

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Will this actually be a game shown or just another great looking trailer with a fake hud on the bottom of the screen? Also I read somewhere that this was going to be a ps4 exclusive... Any confirmation for that? Curious to here everyone's thoughts.

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Hopefully we'll finally get to see his painting.

#3 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2587 posts) -

Sony confirmed that it will be playable on the PS4 at their TGS booth.

#4 Posted by TheStandardToaster (177 posts) -

Hopefully Sony/Capcom shows actual gameplay....

#5 Posted by awesomeusername (4231 posts) -

@thestandardtoaster: It will be playable and we'll get more details. It says so on the TGS site.

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It being playable is very intriguing. We have arguably seen nothing about that game. I'm curious.

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Yo. This game looks pretty much like Dark Souls.

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@selfconfessedcynic said:

Sony confirmed that it will be playable on the PS4 at their TGS booth.

Specifically the 3 player co-op fight versus that Dragon, at least if the translator of this morning's stream is to be believed. Rewatch the on-stage gameplay presentation. At the very end, the translator says something to that effect.

#9 Posted by Tackchevy (266 posts) -

If feeling aroused after watching this video is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

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