So Volition is still having fun.

#1 Posted by Aegon (6750 posts) -

Despite the recent troubles in THQ, I ran into an interesting tweet today that suggests the guys at Volition might be working on something crazy. Although, are they not working on Guillermo's thing next?  

 @drewholmes Drew Holmes
I think SteveJaros has lost it. He's just sitting at his desk cackling maniacally.
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Both men are designers at volition. 
#2 Posted by EuanDewar (5155 posts) -

I think you've read into that too much. Dude was just laughing.

#3 Posted by CaLe (4317 posts) -

Maybe he just watched a funny youtube video.

#4 Posted by Aegon (6750 posts) -

May I also add that I'm slightly bored.

#5 Posted by phish09 (1112 posts) -

@EuanDewar said:

I think you've read into that too much. Dude was just laughing.

#6 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19824 posts) -

Or maybe he's actually going insane.

#7 Posted by Alexandruxx (248 posts) -

Maybe he suffered a depression because of the recent news and he is laughing histerically.

#8 Posted by Aegon (6750 posts) -
@FluxWaveZ said:

Or maybe he's actually going insane.

Maybe InSane is supposed to be so funny that it makes you literally go crazy? That would be tough to get a focus test team for though.
#9 Posted by Vinny_Says (5911 posts) -

maybe he smoked a joint and now evrything is funny to him

#10 Posted by Village_Guy (2796 posts) -

Well, THQ did say that Saints Row was their biggest IP. So Volition is the safest part of THQ I guess, them and Relic probably.

#11 Posted by kingzetta (4497 posts) -

Maybe laughing is how he deals with bad news.

#12 Posted by MikeGosot (3235 posts) -

Maybe he's just crazy.

#13 Posted by Bwast (1376 posts) -

Professor Genki wasn't just a video game character.

#14 Posted by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -

The twist here is that Steve is on giantbomb reading the forums and laughing at all the quicklooks.

#15 Posted by SlightConfuse (3995 posts) -

Maybe Del toro told a funny joke

#16 Posted by coakroach (2493 posts) -

The mans on shrooms

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