Volition Pie Day 2012

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Here are the rules, from their website:

  • Each pie must be at least 9” across, and can have pretty much any filling you desire, be it fruit, meat, or other. Remember, the point is to enjoy the pie! A crust of some sort covering the bottom is required though, a top crust is not.
  • Pie eating begins at Noon, and you until 7:00 PM (in your timezone) to consume your pie. Forks, hands, or whatever else you want to use is allowed, but you must consume the entire pie, including crust.
  • If you do not complete your task, your family is shamed for the entire next year, and you must automatically attempt again the next year. If you complete your task, your reward is that you have eaten a delicious pie, and gained honor for your family for the next year.
  • We will be asking for both “before” (uneaten) and “after” (eaten to some percentage) photos of you and your pie if you are willing to compete, so be prepared!
  • Some of the guys over at Junction Point Studios are trying the same thing.

    I, personally, made the mistake of going with a Frozen Edwards Key Lime Pie. Would have gone with the Frozen Pumpkin Pie that I saw, but it was not a 9" pie.

    Livestream archive on Twitch.TV: http://www.twitch.tv/volition/b/314456510

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