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Once a crime fighter of the streets, Deep Violet had retired her racy attire in favor of her stuffy civilian life. That is until the mystery surrounding the latest Skullgirl surfaced. She has once again brandished her Living Weapon, the Pazuzu Whip, and is back on the prowl!

While it is never stated in-game that D. Violet is in actuality Mrs. Victoria, it was revealed by Alex Ahad that they were indeed one and the same.

For Deep Violet to become a DLC character for Skullgirls, first the Lab Zero Indiegogo campaign would have to raise enough to hit the stretch goal of $600,000 for a fan voted character, then she would have to beat out all the other characters as a fan favorite. Not only did the Indiegogo campaign reach the $600K goal, it even passed the $825,000 stretch goal for a 2nd fan voted DLC character. Unfortunately, D. Violet never made it past the initial voting phase as the 32 potential characters were whittled down. She still has a second chance, but to be knocked out in the very first round, the odds are against her.

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