Server Shutdown?

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I heard EA pulled the servers on this. I saw it going pretty cheap in the store but if the servers are gone then I wont bother. Just want to know what's up, specifically with the xbox360 version.
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Sounds plausible since they're surely converting many servers to handle Bad Company 2. That's the drawback to zero matchmaking. But that's the way EA keeps people buying new versions of the same game year after year (Madden).

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Yeah, I understand what you mean. Def Jam was never really a "must buy" for me, but now I see it cheap I was thinking about giving it a shot. Except I'm a bit of a completionist so I want the ability to get all of the achievements. 
Pretty much just want a definate yes or no about the servers from someone that owns the game before I buy it.
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EA is shutting down a numerous amount of servers for numerous games in order to handle their future endeavors.  Some of these games include: 

  • Def Jam Icon
  • NASCAR 09
  • NCAA Football 07/08
  • FIFA 08
  • NCAA March Madness 07
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06/07
2K Games is also doing the same thing with all their 2K7 sports games as well as NBA 2K8. 
Frankly, they don't need to run servers for extinct games anymore, so whatever. 
There is rumor going around still, however, that they are considering closing down the BF2: Modern Combat servers (that's the console game)...which personally would make sense given that Bad Company 2 is around the corner.
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Ok thanks. Yeah I realise that it's an old game and servers cost money, won't be picking it up then.
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Actually The Def Jam games are worth the look, although I personally think Icon was weaker than Vendetta and Fight for NY. The online was never great, but it's fun for some local multiplayer. Although Fight and Vendetta had 4 player.

#7 Posted by Phr4nk0 (362 posts) -

Yeah I played one of the playstation ones (New York I think), it was some decent fun. 
The servers are still actually up untill March 16th I think. I managed to find someone to do the online achievements with so I picked it up. It's decent, but yeah I agree with you not as good as the previous games.

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