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First off, I like most rap music. I like guys like t-pain and e-40 and that sean paul guy isn't bad. Anyway, the visuals are good and the sound is great. The controls are good for the fighting and enjoy how well the fighters moved. I don't know if I missed it or what but I saw no help in using the enviroment during fights. You would think game modes like Build A Label would actually teach you some basic game parts but eh, guess I wasn't thug enough to care.


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    At first Def Jam may seem like a pretty broken Fighting game. There are many aspects that just feel not to good at first. It starts with the lag of the controls. For all of the punches that you throw or kicks there will be a half second lag to all of your commands and that can be frustrating. But once you look at the overall style of the game and get used to the controls the game is actually pretty good.To start out with the game has a couple different modes. They are all just 1 on 1 fighting mo...

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