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I just wanted some incite because I am running out of ideas. I was playing Def Jam Rapstar with a friend and I was logged into my main profile and he was just logged in as Player 2. We made it to the 5th tier of songs and when I went to back out of the game it froze with the auto save running. After restarting the xbox the game did not launch from the title screen, it freezes. I tried launching with another profile with no issue. Tried the main profile again, freeze. Now the steps I have taken: I have deleted all Rapstar save files and relaunched with main profile, I moved main profile to a flash drive with hard drive in Xbox, I tried launching with flash drive and no hard drive in Xbox, and I also tried launching not being connected to Xbox Live. All attempts resulted in freezing where it tries to create new save data or even if you try to skip that point. The only thing I have not attempted is clearing the systems cache because in the past I have lost all of my Gears of War 2 progress, which is over two years worth, when I clear it. Also I am using a new xbox 360 slim. If nothing else I will just have to play this game on a separate profile but it just sinks because I have unlocked 210 points on my main profile. Hopefully someone will be able to shed some light on this issue. I enjoy the game but it is a hassle to have to enjoy it under someone else’s profile due to a technical glitch.  Any ideas or similar experiences?

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