is anyone still playing?

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is anyone still palying defcon

#2 Posted by tec3297 (1170 posts) -

I can't remember if this is the same game that I'm thinking of. *off to google it*

#3 Posted by ieatlions (708 posts) -

is the game that ur thinking of real time strategy with nukes?

#4 Posted by Mansemat (21 posts) -

I'm amazed how few people know (and appreciate) this game.
I love the crap out of it,  and it sent chills down my spine while playing it... not alot of games do the same especially not a game as "simple" like this.

#5 Posted by lordofultima (6208 posts) -

I love Defcon. The end.

#6 Posted by ieatlions (708 posts) -

i agrre

#7 Posted by Monkey_Guy (23 posts) -

just discovered this game the other day and i've been lanning it up. looks like it could be a staple when i want a good drawn out game to put it into real time :D

#8 Edited by Demilich (2599 posts) -

It reminds me of that movie War Games.

Good game, though I suck at it.

#9 Posted by Breadfan (6589 posts) -

Resurrecting this thread because DEFCON is an awesome game.

#10 Posted by harvey_the_pooka (271 posts) -

playing it right now

#11 Posted by harris (848 posts) -

I love this game. Seems like there are still a some people playing, at least right now.

#12 Posted by Spwn (167 posts) -

I was so disappointed when Introversion put Darwinia+Multiwinia pack on sale during the Steam holiday sale, but didn't put Defcon. I bet the game would be resurrected for at least a little while if they dropped the price.

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