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Defenders of Dynatron City was an action game developed by Lucasfilm Games and published by JVC for the NES in 1992. The game was adapted into an animated TV show by DiC Entertainment, but it was never picked up as a full series. It also was adapted into a comic by Marvel Comics, written by Sam and Max’s Steve Purcell.


Defenders of Dynatron City is a side-scrolling action game featuring a series of timed levels around the titular city. The player chooses a member of the Defenders superhero team, and sets out attempting to defeat enemies throughout the city, with the ultimate goal as defeating Dr. Mayhem.

The game was notable for being extremely difficult, both because of the tough enemies and because of the poor controls and hit detection.

The Defenders:

Ms. Megawatt, Radium Dog, Buzzsaw Girl and Jet Headstrong.

Jet Headstrong: His head is a rocket which he shoots at enemies.

Buzzsaw Girl: Rides around on a giant buzzsaw blade, sort of like Gizmoduck from the Darkwing Duck cartoons.

Ms. Megawatt: Shoots electricity.

Monkey Kid: Throws explosive bananas.

Toolbox: A robot with a giant hammer for a head.

Radium Dog: A super strong flying irradiated dog.


1 – City Streets

2 – The Mall

3 – The Sewers

4 – Proto Cola

5 – Dr Mayhem

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