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The RTS genre can get pretty complicated, and can be difficult to learn. Defendin' de Penguin is geared towards a younger audience. To get them into this difficult genre early, so they don't give up on it when something like Supreme Commander is thrown at them as their first RTS. Being that, this game is looking good.


Hungry animals from around Little Blue's penguin village have been stealing the town's supply of fish. And after throwing a snowball at a thieving crab, causing it to lose it's steal, he realizes how to stop these pilfering beasts. He then takes up guard around his precious city, building towers and fish for money.


The gameplay is essentially tower defense. You create towers in strategic places and upgrade them as need be. Some towers are better against certain monsters, so you're going to want a variety. The towers fire off things like snow and ice, keeping to a arctic sort of theme.

As you upgrade towers, their range and strength increases. They may be firing off snowballs at first, then upgrade to harder ice cubes. You can also garrison Little Blue inside of your towers when he's not busy to increase the fire power of that tower.

Little Blue must also collect items from fallen animals as well, so he'll be moving around a lot, collecting these items. He can also gain you money by fishing. The more money you have, the more you can upgrade your towers and keep your village safe.

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