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Defense Grid Review 0

Despite being around for quite some time (1990's Rampart was probably the first example), there really aren't too many retail titles in the Tower Defense (TD) strategy niche of gaming. Instead, independent developers have released free mods for existing titles and Flash games to fill the void. Recently though PixelJunk Monsters and Ninjatown have stormed the scene and acquired many a rabid fan, making the viability of a retail TD style game plausible. Now, Hidden Path's newest PC offering titled...

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The High Water Mark for Tower Defense 0

Defense Grid is extremely good value for money, providing hours of rich immersive tower defense gameplay for a budget price, making this an excellent initiation into the genre for newcomers and a must own game for strategy fans. In an era where the tower defense genre has become increasingly prevalent, both as simple online flash games and as actual disc and digital download products, it's becoming ever so slightly oversaturated, although not quite to the degree of third and first person shoot...

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A good tower defense game. 0

If you like tower defense games, this one is a solid offering.    Towers are upgradeable, and varied with what they do.   I found it more of a benefit to use up all of your tower spaces before upgrading though. Later levels even offer "open paths", where you can alter the route that the baddies take by your tower placements.  Thats something not all TD games have.    Not much else to say about the game, but I do enjoy playing it....

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Defense Grid: The Awakening Review 0

    What’s Hot:Simple controls make it easy to pick up and play.Very easy to revert back to checkpoints.If you happen to quit, there is an option to resume where you left off. Quite uncommon amongst tower defense games.There is a leaderboard built into the menu, making it very accessible to compare scores with friends.There are a large variety of game types to play, out with the main story that is apart from the main story line, giving this game a huge re-playability factor.It is very easy to...

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A Safe Purchase 0

Defense Grid is a tower defense game.  I could probably end the review right here and most people would already know the experience.  You build towers with guns.  Aliens attack in the deadliest form of offense known in the universe: a slow peaceful parade.  They die, you get money, towers get upgraded or reinforced, and repeat until the waves of aliens stop.   Compared to Plants vs Zombies, Defense Grid is much truer to its simpler brethren found all over flash sites.  It's streamlined and well ...

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Defending the Grid Feels Oddly Familiar 0

The red-headed step-child of the Real Time Strategy genre, Tower Defense games have been minorly popular for the last 10 years.  The basic idea behind the genre is that there are dudes going from point A to point B.  Kill them before they reach point B.  Hidden Path Entertainment's Defense Grid: The Awakening applies some minor twists to the formula, though not a lot, but it does offer a solid experience that is oftentimes enjoyable.Controls are extremely simple and point to the game's future XB...

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Defense Grid Rewrites the Book on Tower Defense 0

  After Hidden Path Entertainment released their perennial tower defense title, Defense Grid: The Awakening for Xbox Live Arcade and playing it previously on Steam, I was anxious and more than a bit intrigued to see how the quality would translate on to the Xbox 360. In regards to story, Defense Grid feels like your typical science fiction novella. The game begins as you are assumed to have stumbled upon ancient ruins of a civilization manned only by a millennia old Artificial Intelli...

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