BombSquad North America PC Clan

#1 Posted by JesterPC238 (376 posts) -

Hey all,

I made a clan called the BombSquad!

Hit me up in game at Jester, My character name is Gaelen. Let me know if you'd like an invite!

#2 Posted by JesterPC238 (376 posts) -

Also feel free to post here if you'd like me to add and find you. The chat system in this game sucks so trying to get a hold of someone can be a pain.

#3 Edited by WithSwordAndGun (3 posts) -

My character name is Roland Wiggin, send me an invite. Thanks.

#4 Edited by JesterPC238 (376 posts) -

Invite sent, in this case it looks like your ID and name are the same, but I think I do need ID for anyone else looking to join. Thanks!

#5 Posted by plentifulbullet (3 posts) -

Hey mine is PlentifulBullet character name Plentiful Bullet ill try to message in game

#6 Posted by JesterPC238 (376 posts) -

Cool cool, I'll try to add people after I get out of work today, might not have time to get to it until tomorrow.

#7 Posted by LordLOC (215 posts) -

My ID is lordloc, characters name is Cheeser, I'd like an invite please :)

GB will be represented in Defiance, yeah!

#8 Posted by Tebekaru (15 posts) -

Invite, please. Character and ID is: Tebekaru


#9 Posted by Pudge (1060 posts) -

I will join this at some point! I downloaded the game last night but then I fell asleep and didn't get a chance to launch it. I will probably do that tonight and try to find you guys.

#10 Posted by Grelik (175 posts) -

In game name is "grelik" so if you could send me an invite that would be cool. Just bought it today.

#11 Posted by DeathTrap (337 posts) -

Sure, I'm in. In game name of Kelkirith. Won't be on until tomorrow evening, however!

#12 Posted by Gruntypig (17 posts) -

Would love to join, in game name is "Roland Gilead" and the ID is "Gruntypig" should be on as soon as server goes back up tonight. If not tomorrow afternoon.

#13 Edited by Kalisynth (27 posts) -

Would like an invite name Kalisynth character name Synth Kali

#14 Posted by plentifulbullet (3 posts) -

Dont know about you guys but i get no results when i search for people

#15 Edited by DeathTrap (337 posts) -

@plentifulbullet: Yeah...I'm not really sure what's up with their social system. You'd think they would know how to make one, since they created Rift. Maybe their social system in Rift is just too spread apart and buried with other code to pull it out and bring it to Defiance.

#16 Edited by Spongetwan (220 posts) -

Can I join? Gt:dirtysponge name in game is iTwan

#17 Posted by Pudge (1060 posts) -

Started yesterday, game seems like a fun time waster. Anyway, my ID is Pudge and my character name is Zander Ezekial, join me up!

#18 Posted by SoulTaker (146 posts) -

Hey, my ID is joegrizz88 and my character's name is Jack Clutch.

#19 Edited by JesterPC238 (376 posts) -

Holy moly! I'm jumping on to add people now.

Edit: So the social features of this game are kind of terrible. I don't think I can invite anyone or add anyone as friends unless you're online. I'm running down the list to see if anyone IS in fact online, but if you haven't gotten an invite tonight then shoot me a message in game and I'll hook you up.

#20 Posted by Tebekaru (15 posts) -

@jesterpc238 I'm assuming you're on PC. I tried to look up your character but I guess you were not on when I tried sending a message the other night. As soon as I'm able to reach you in-game, I'd like to join. How many people do we currently have? Are you interested in trying to bring non-bombers into the clan? If so, there's a clan recruitment page on the Defiance forum:

#21 Posted by JesterPC238 (376 posts) -

@tebekaru I am in fact on PC, I've been getting on every day for at least a little while to try and add people, but I haven't been able to get a hold of anyone yet. It'll be easier once we have a few people in the clan that can also invite people. I will get on tonight around 7 EST and try again.

As for bringing more people in, it kind of depends on where we're at once people in this thread get added. I have zero issues with friends of bombers joining up, but I'm not sure I want to advertise on the Defiance forums. Once we get people in we can all talk, if everyone else wants to try to get more people from those forums then we can do so, I don't want it to just be up to me.

P.S. I fucking love your avatar. AH is my favorite board game.

#22 Posted by JesterPC238 (376 posts) -

Jumping on to invite people, shoot me a message if you want in. Will try to stay on until 9ish

#23 Edited by Gauzy (52 posts) -

Added you as a friend. Not sure I see a way to whisper, so I've been group inviting you to chat and ask for for an invite. I *think* you might be away, since my friend request is pending and there's a weird little red symbol by your name. Account name is Gauzy, I'm Miles Kilo in game.

#24 Posted by Tebekaru (15 posts) -

Haha, thanks, yeah AH is great. It's what got me into tabletop games. I really wish defiance had a better social interface... Looks like I just missed you this evening.

#25 Posted by JesterPC238 (376 posts) -

Bah, I had the game minimized while I studied, was hoping I'd hear a noise or something, I accepted your friend requests, trying to invite.

#26 Posted by JesterPC238 (376 posts) -

Got one person in at least. We'll figure this out. Let me know via the this thread or a PM if/when you get on tomorrow Tebekaru, if possible I'll jump on then if only to invite you. I tend to check the site constantly.

#27 Posted by Tebekaru (15 posts) -

I'll hop on after work around 5:30pm Central

#28 Edited by sirdesmond (1316 posts) -

I'm up for joining! Account name is sirdesmond and character name is Aerian Rectamblin.

#29 Posted by Attraxxis (2 posts) -

count me in

account name is attraxxis and character name is Damien Attraxxis

thanx in advance

#30 Posted by j4ck4ll3n (2 posts) -

Hey, would like to join account name is j4ck4llen, character I'm playing now is Locar.

#31 Posted by JesterPC238 (376 posts) -

Bah, sorry I haven't been around all. It's finals season for me so I've been incredibly busy. What little gaming time I've had I haven't really felt like playing Defiance. I will try to be more active once exams wrap up.

#32 Posted by MC_Hify (375 posts) -

I just got this on sale over the weekend, anyone still playing?

#33 Posted by Virtualpolecat (74 posts) -

Since this game has gone free-to-play has anyone in the Giantbomb clan become active again?

#34 Posted by AngeTheDude (761 posts) -

Since this game has gone free-to-play has anyone in the Giantbomb clan become active again?

I'm curious about this as well.

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