How many players currently on XBOX 360?

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I'm thinking about picking this up for XBOX to be a time killer. I enjoyed the pilot episode of the show from Monday and after seeing some videos of the game, including the GB Quick Look, I can say that I am intrigued.

Before I buy it though I wanted to see what the player count is currently XBOX. Also, to those of you who are currently playing, do you think this game can maintain a significant community?

Thanks in advance duders...

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Jeff was saying it's terrible on Xbox on his twitter. Lots of technical problems which very likely will not attract many players.

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I watched some footage and it looks borderline unplayable on 360. Player and enemy models flashing in and out of existence and really bad lag. Don't buy it.

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I've read conflicting reports on that from different people. Some say XBOX is the best console option and others say PS3. I want it for 360 and am more interested in knowing the player count. Thanks for the response though.

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I play on XBOX and it's fine. Definitely not 'borderline unplayable'. There was pretty bad lag the first few days, but that's been fixed for over a week. It definitely isn't the prettiest game but it's not horrid either.

I don't know how many people are playing but the game certainly seems full of people. No idea if it will sustain. XBOX users have a reputation of hopping from game to game. However there's nothing quite like this on the service, so I think if the show continues to be good interest in the game may be sustained through the season.

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@jaycrockett: Thanks for the response. I really enjoyed the pilot for the show and have been intrigued with the idea of a game that so closely relates to another entertainment property like a television show. The gameplay looks alright to me and I think that it could be something that I could get into. The ratings for the show on Monday seemed to do pretty well for SyFy so I think it will be a success in that way which should only be good news for the game.

I will more than likely pick up the game either today or tomorrow to play over the weekend. Is it a game that you can play by yourself or do you need some friends to really enjoy it?

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I'm playing it by myself, but I tend to do that in general. The co-op missions have matchmaking as well as the PvP stuff. You'll see plenty of people running around and there is no penalty for helping someone or being helped.

Area voice chat is turned on by default now, so in theory you could hear people talking around you. I didn't hear many people though, most people may not even know it's available. (And honestly, this is XBOX live. If people were using it I'd probably be turning it off).

I'm thinking this game would be a blast as a co-op game, I may try to get my dad to play with me. There are main missions that go into instances, so I think those are probably solo only.

So yes, it's solo friendly.

But feel free to look me up man, my gamer tag is Kingsnurre.

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I'm on there, gamer tag same as board name(just a space no line). I know at least 2 others who play. But honestly so far i dont' really see the need to play it multiplayer, maybe for the special things but so far it seems pretty single story focused. There is a terrible AI bug, i thought the game was just bad but turns out it was glitching. Basically the AI was just standing still not doing anything, friendlies as well. Had to join a mulitplayer thing then go back and it fixed it.

So far game has it's moments but it definitely has it's problems. Only had it a day so far though

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Quite a lot of people seem to be on the 360. The frame rate is very bad but I never pay attention to it.

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I have been playing on the XBOX for nearly two weeks now and am having a blast... try it out.

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Xbox version is fine. I've been playing since launch.

They seemed to have fixed most of the problems that were common in the beginning.

I have a clan on the Xbox that I started called Giantbomb Crew. let me know and I'll invite anyone who wants.

gamertag: johnny5x47.

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It's in my GameFly queue, so if I get it anytime soon I'll be trying it out. Not sure when that'll be though.

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I just started playing it on 360 last week, joined a few friends I play Battlefield with who gave it a shot. It's fun for now, but we'll see if I get tired of it like I do with most MMOs.

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its average fun, but more importantly quick fun, you pass one loading screen and whether you get bored of that weeks live content or not you still have a fairly nice sized world of players to interact with immediately. As far as bugginess goes it was never that bad, a lot of exaggeration from console players because they aren't used to mmos/launches as well as the patches needed to fix them. I play with next to no issues, and hit detection is of a passable standard, but remember this games server based and as an mmo loot stats/perks/dps,critical dmg numbers will take stronger meaning than your feelings when a spot of lag puts your character down in a big fight or when you swear a grenade missed you. lol Usually though its just a loot hunt with some good clans, waiting for a bit of fresh content..which there has been a bit of, even before the dlc.

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Not bad for an MMO being familiar with the other ones that Trion has done, esp. on a console. Will say that after renting it on the 360 from gamefly, that after seeing the pdf manual, that the manual for this game on the 360 is a complete joke (1 page of controls, few pages of notes, few of user agreement & rest is mostly ads for the show/sponsors). After the initial patches were done & lots of disconnects out of the way, the game itself needs some help on letting the player know what's going on. There's been some missions where I'll be seeing a constant list of collectible items found for a contract without picking them up so it's hard to tell if it's a collective effort of everyone nearby or just me. Same goes with one of the factions where you finally get some rep & the annoying AI implant telling you that you have some reputation with these factions but you still have to go through many menus to figure out which one. There's better buy once & free to play afterwards mmos (ie. Guild Wars2 on pc) but for the 360 it's decent enough to diven into if you want a console based mmo.

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All of season one tie-in missions are unlocked at the moment so there is plenty to do.

You do sometimes get reputation credit for kills in the area, so that is a bit spammy.

Overall, still fun if a bit clunky.

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Is there a GB clan on the 360 yet?

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