Initial Thoughts?

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So, played about two hours of the PC version its a mash up of the better parts of GW2's exploration and Borderlands loot. A little rough around the edges, the guns sound and feel good and the driving/open world is cool. I like the exploration aspect (quest structure is closer to GW2 than WoW), and the big open events aren't very tactical, but the game runs smooth and watching a huge stack of people rush a boss is neat.

Overall I would say if you consider yourself a forgiving player (it's far from perfect) it seems like a fun way to shoot some baddies.

Anyone else playing? thoughts?

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The game gets more interesting gameplay wise if you're solo and taking on one of the big hubs; a lot of tactical choosing of situational cover and weaponry. The abilities that you get aren't very interesting but the guns are great, hopefully they put in more ammo crates though since running out of ammo is a pretty big issue (could be 5 minutes before you find another crate) and this sort of shifts weapon value to slow rate of fire high damage high clip size (LMGs mostly), even though plenty of the weapons that dump ammo are still fun to use. Public Quests, for lack of a better term, are mindless if you wind up zerging them but generally fairly interesting with a small group of people.

Enemy variety is pretty great too at least through the first 2 zones; each faction has quite different enemies and things to worry about when fighting them. Rough edges are a fine thing in MMO type games since it means there's more to explore and find and break; as long as the core gameplay is fun things like weird terrain issues are quite charming.

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(Breathes deeply)


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I'd be curious to hear thoughts about the PS3 version. Don't have the PC to run this, so I wondered how the alternative was.

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Im playing the PC version. its pretty good, its pretty fun to just run around the battle field never taking my finger off of w. (unless its to make a reference to War of the Worlds or to say "Welcome to Earf" in the chat )

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Flawed, but better than I expected.

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I played the beta a bit and found the only exceptional thing about it was how average it was, every seemed to "work" but nothing was interesting.

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Can I use a shield?
Can I tank?

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