Luchadeers (Giant Bomb EU Guild (PC))

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So if there is enough players I'm looking into starting a guild for us bombers.

It may take a while to get set up due to the limitation of needing an ego rating of 50 and 5000 scrip and due to not playing the game in beta I have no idea how long that will take to get it to.

But in the mean time just post here with your In-game name and we can just friend each other and group up that way till it gets set up.

Created a steam group for anyone to join regardless of EU or US or whatever other crazy piece of land you live on

Steam Luchadeers

Here are the defiance launch times already adjusted for daylight savings :

United States. Monday

  • Pacific- 9PM Monday
  • Mountain- 10PM Monday
  • Central- 11PM Monday
  • Eastern 12AM Tuesday

Europe. Tuesday

  • 12 AM EDT (UTC-4).
  • 5 AM BST (UTC+1). (This is UK time)
  • 6 AM CET (UTC+2).
  • 7 AM EEST (UTC+3).
  • 8 AM MSK (UTC+4).
GB UsernameID/Character NameServer
KhemitudeKhemitude / Marcus ScrimgeourEU
StrikeALightParish / Trent Parish

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If I end up buying the game then I'm interested in joining, but I gotta read/watch some reviews first.

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I'm already on EU PC. My ID is Parish. (IGN: Trent Parish)

Wish I a controller that was compatible with the game. The UI really isn't kb/m friendly.

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@strikealight: Will add when back in-game, In the mean while added you to the table.

I use my 360 controller for the driving but thats about it really didn't like the feeling of the shooting with it, especially not with sniper rifles.

@phantomgardener: I'd recommend it from what bit I've played of it so far seem really well made. Also have a look at this review its informative and extremely hilarious.

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Do we know ANYTHING about this game?

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@the_laughing_man: It's kinda Borderlands meets rift meets gears of war also there are vehicles.

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My account ID is Anund, you can add me if you want.

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@khemitude: That was indeed an hilarious review :D So I ended up getting the game, I'll join the guild, ID should be Timemuffin.

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My account ID should be velvetdespair, character name is Neon Samurai on EU server.

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@khemitude: ID: Wampa1 Character Name: Ryan Estragon

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If the site will let me login and make an account for defiance i will join! But at the moment it wont let me :(

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