Why am I not hearing much about this game? (multiplayer Q)

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<p>I just heard of this game and am doing a little research into it. Overall it sounds really cool. I am generally not hearing any hype over this game. I was just wondering if there was anyone pumped for this game or will this just get lost in the pack?</p><p>One thing I cant seem to find out is how coop works. Can I play through this game like borderlands with some of my friends exploring and jumping in and out the events/death match stuff we may come across. Or can we only play together in "coop sections only"?</p>

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@superfiasco: I assume at some point in the process of making this topic, you accidentally reset what forum this was attached to. So instead of being with a specific game, it's in "General Discussion". You can click "Full Edit" to change the forum attachment.

So I have no idea what game you're referring to, and your entire post is just vague enough that it could be about nearly any game with co-op in it.

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@superfiasco: Frankly this is the first I'm hearing of it...

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God of War?

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It wasn't as good as that other game.

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@benspyda: Oh you mean the one where you're friends with the guy, but then it turns out he's a baddy, and you have to fight him? Ya, I love that one.

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Yeah sorry when i did an edit it kicked it out of the defiance game forum. Ive made the correction.

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Well, I just got an email from Twitch saying I can get in the beta now as long as I promise to stream it. I'm not sure that I care? The monster design seems kind of dumb and I'm not sure I've seen scyfy produce anything I'd want to be associated with since MST3K.

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Yeah it seems like it's just a tie-in with that shitty looking SyFy show. a 50 or 60 dollar tie-in.

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I'm sort of becoming interested in this, as I'm thinking about what co-op game to play with my dad after we finish Halo 4 Spartan Ops. However, SyFy shows are generally terrible, and the lack of press about this game doesn't seem promising.

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A lot of my friends are super hyped about this game and I'm having a really hard time seeing why. I was invited to the first wave of beta on the pc and while it was fun, after the 5th hour it still wasn't pulling me in. Story missions seemed slightly interesting but still the same generic outline, while sidequests were even more depressing. Third person/First person shooter MMO sounded great, but I just really feel this game is lacking something.. and I can't put my finger on it.

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I find myself intrigued by this. I've never played an MMO and the SciFi look seems sort of neat. Not sure whether or not to bite the bullet and jump in.

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I'm playing the xbox 360 beta and it runs like shit.

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@nilazz: Despite the running issues, can you see the potential of a decent game buried in there or is there just too much to overcome to be worth it?

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