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A master of shadow magic and a force for chaos, pain and madness, Defiler laughs uncontrollably as she flies at incredible speeds and even while she sends her enemies to their deaths. At the sight of her gnarly, lifeless, cut up face, warriors are often left unable to cast any abilities and can only run for their lives.

Through her 4 hands spirits flow, doing her bidding without question, launching themselves towards the living and bringing back with them a piece of their lifeforce.

Some of her most notable unit reactions are: "let the dead bury the dead", "death is the remedy for all ills", "silence, you peon!" and "I am the afterlife of the party".


She is a support and semi-carry hero. Her spammable wave of death, combined with her very effective silence will make sure team fights go her way. Her ultimate is not only great for winning pretty much any 1v1 battle but also for quickly and effectively pushing towers very early in the game.


Wave of Death

Defiler throws a wave of spirits with incredible force, doing substantial damage to any caught in it's path.

Grave Silence

Scared pantsless, the enemy team caught in her gaze are unable to cast any spells for a few seconds.

Power in Death

All of Defiler's abilities passively rise in power and she can move around even faster.

Unholy Expulsion

A collection of several spirits leave Defiler's side, damaging any units or building close enough. The spirits are invulnerable and will heal Defiler once their time is up.


Phantom Defiler

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