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Deirdre is a character that made her first appearance in Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu on the Super Famicom. Born with the blood of Naga in her veins, she is the wife of Sigurd and mother of Seliph. However, she is captured early on by Manfroy, who brainwashes her and puts her in a prime position for Arvis to find and fall for. Following Sigurd's death at the hands of Arvis's betrayal, Deirdre eventually marries Arvis and bears twins, Julius and Julia. All of this was set up by Manfroy so that Deirdre's children born from this union could serve as vessels for the evil being Loptous. Deirdre is killed by Julius after he is possessed by Loptous, but before she dies, she is able to spirit Julia away to safety.

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