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Company Brief

Delphine Software International (often referred under the acronym DSI) was established in 1988 in Paris, France (they would relocated to Saint-Ouen in 2001) as a subsidiary of Delphine Group.  The co-directors of the company were Paul de Senneville and Paul Cuisset, who was also the lead designer on most of their projects.  The company had some early hits such as Out of This World (also known as Another World) , Flashback and had moderate successes throughout the 1990s.  In 1993, they also created a subsidary studio known as Adeline Software International that was based in Lyon, France.

In 2002, parent company Delphine Group spun off Delphine Software International (who retained Adeline Software International as a subsidiary) after continued financial difficulties.  It was hoped that they would be able to stage a turnaround by operating independently.  This was unfortunately not to be and in February 2003, the company was sold to Doki Denki Studio who themselves went into liquidation in 2004, closing down all three branches.

Paul Cuisset has since moved on to form a new studio called VectorCell which he co-owns with fellow French game developers Lexis Numérique.

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