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This Commodore 64 side-scroller was Stavros Fasoulas' follow-up to the highly acclaimed Sanxion.

Gameplay utilised a similar weapon and ability power-up system to the game " Gradius" (aka. "Nemesis"), with the player picking up upgrades dropped after defeating complete waves of enemies.

Delta's Mix-e-lode interactive loading system.
Delta's Mix-e-lode interactive loading system.

Although the game itself was well regarded, it is most notable for the innovative loading system used.

Gary Liddon of publisher Thalamus (the software arm of magazine company Newsfield, who brought us the likes of "Zzap64" and "Crash") decided to enhance the Cyberload system from the previous title to create an interactive music loader for the game. The Mix-e-lode system enabled users to plug in a joystick and remix a specially composed Rob Hubbard track called "mix-e-music" on the fly, creating a number of various musical styles whilst waiting for the game to load.

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