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A mature handheld game, indeed! 0

Right from the start the message "This game contains scenes of explicit violence and gore" lures the attention, somethings tell that the your you're about to get in is no picnic in the park, and it is surely not! The game is very violent, right from the star you'll find yourself in a very hostile place, a hospital, dark and tenebrous. Soon enough you'll get yourself a flashlight, which helps a lot, because it's pretty dark without it, there's blood everywhere! I mean there's absolutely no place...

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An Unleashed Survival Horror Game for The Handheld Market 0

Dementium: The Ward is a First Person Shooter made exclusively for the Nintendo DS. It's a survival horror game that has a blend of such popular titles like Doom 3 and Silent Hill, just like what the front cover says. While it contains such creepy elements as the mentioned games but it somehow lacks certain aspects that make it worth playing.   At least he died with a smile on his face The game lets you begin as a nameless male individual who has no clue of his identity, his whereabouts and his ...

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Dementium is shockingly scary for a DS game, but has its issues. 0

    Horror games don't work well on hand-held gaming systems. This is a fact that people have accepted since the dawn of time. A scary game has to be atmospheric and engrossing to be scary, which is something that a hand-held can't dish out. Hand-held systems are for Pokemon and Tetris...right? Wrong. Dementium: The Ward successfully shatters the myth of horror games being exclusive to consoles, gives a great control setup as well as a buggy save system to make a game anyone looking for a good f...

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Dementium: The Ward Review 0

Have you been looking for a game that gives you a little bit of a spook on the DS, well this might be the one for you then. In this game you wake up in a hospital where the lights are out, and you're all alone. You're going to have to navigate your way through the hospital to find some answers, and maybe even save your own life.Graphically on the DS you're not going to be blown away but the pixelated images you're going to find, but over all this game gives you the feeling of being in a run down...

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