DemiGod Now Available

#1 Posted by Johnny5 (1433 posts) -

I'm really excited for this game. Funnily enough even though the story appears generic It seems quite well stylised. I especially liked the hero backstories. Ive gotten to play it a few times now and Im annoyed that I dont have enough money to buy it right now!

Its 40 dollars via digital download from stardocks store which is an ok price for a new game. 50 dollars if you want the box and extras.

So anyone going to pick this up?

#2 Posted by Teirdome (283 posts) -

I'm not sure if I'll be picking this one up yet.  I like the premise but multiplayer-only leaves something to be desired for me.  Honestly, I'm waiting for reviews to come in.

#3 Posted by Johnny5 (1433 posts) -

hmm i played it single player a couple of times, seemed alright but I can see it getting boring eventually. The Ai knows how to play pretty well though.

#4 Posted by Teirdome (283 posts) -

Was there a demo posted at all?

#5 Posted by trav3ler (173 posts) -
#6 Posted by addictedtopinescent (3634 posts) -

Waiting for some reviews, but I'm probably picking it up.

#7 Posted by dice66111 (48 posts) -

yeah im lookin foward to playing it even if it gets bad reviews. i hate baseing what i play on reviews cause some times you and the reviewer don't always agree.

#8 Posted by sloppyjoe (469 posts) -

probably will get it, earlier than later depending on the reviews

#9 Posted by Teirdome (283 posts) -

The main thing I look for in PC reviews at least is if there are many reviewers that have had issues with bugs.  To me, that's the most important part.

#10 Edited by Johnny5 (1433 posts) -

Hmm I played it a decent amount on singleplayer and didnt have any issues it seems pretty stable?

edit: scratch that, it froze during a map load once so far.

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#12 Edited by artofwar420 (6904 posts) -

I actually am looking forward to this, I hope the editors review it.

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