Things Are Looking Up For Demigod After Week One

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#51 Posted by floodiastus (1288 posts) -

lol, basshunter is giving us swedes a bad name with his ultra cheese 

#52 Posted by Eriktion (69 posts) -

Maybe if they hired BassHunter to make a theme song the sell help sell the game???

Sweden is Awesome - FACT

#53 Posted by viklanderviking (199 posts) -

I hate you Basshunter!

#54 Posted by dice66111 (48 posts) -

I do hope that they add more classes. and im already seeing some over powered classes, or maybe its that the guy that i think is OP is just the counter to my class. Tell me what yall think. I use unclean beast and i have trouble with that ranged guy with wings.

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