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Demigod is Semigood 1

Demigod's biggest failings (as of this review) are where the game needs to be strongest for a successful future: the multiplayer.Currently Demigod's multiplayer is still plagued with connectivity problems and lacks many standard features.  For instance - There is no way to play the tournament games with a friend.  This is a common feature that should have been available from launch.  That is just one thing though.The game also suffers from unstable online matchmaking.  Generally, if you're lucky...

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Rough Launch, Awesome game 0

Demigod is a DOTA (defence of the ancients, warcraft III mod) clone, but it does it with such style that you cannot help but love it. If you never played DOTA it is basically an RTS where you control just 1 unit/hero. Each team is split into teams of 2-5 players and each teams base is surrounded by towers, each 30-60 seconds a wave of AI controlled units gets spawned in your base and runs straight to the opponents base, there is a clash in the middle where waves of  AI controlled units fight. Yo...

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Solid RPG/Strategy game with limitations 0

I like Demigod. I pre-ordered the game and participated in the beta. While it is an enjoyable game, I feel underwhelmed by the final product. This game will appeal to players who enjoyed DotA (the Warcraft 3 mod known as Defense of the Ancients) and players who like real-time strategy games. Demigod On the positive side, Demigod is an attractive game with a unique art style. It's not the standard Lord of the Rings / Dungeon & Drag on s art style. The Demigods are all visually interesting and...

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Demigod is a great game, don't believe the low reviews 0

The pros:-The visuals and audio are fantastic-The demigods all feel distinct, and are all satisfying to play with-Plenty of different battlegrounds to choose from-Plenty of RPG-like trappings that keep game-play dynamic and very re-playable-Despite the lack of a tutorial or story-driven campaign, playing offline against A.I. opponents for an extended time will teach you tactics and the fundamentals needed to play online against other playersThe cons:-No tutorial for players not familiar with thi...

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The game for all stratagy players- 1

A good deal of people believe Demigod is basically DOTA (Defence of the Ancients) in retail form but it actually has several key differences that i feel make it a better game.Now for those who haven't heard heard of it Defence of the Ancients is a custom map for Warcraft 3 that revolves around players controlling a single hero which can be leveled up and customized, players must then work together to destroy the enemy base, which is defended by computer controlled minions and powerful towers as ...

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The best customer support you will ever see 0

This game was plagued with connection issues on launch, and I won't lie that it still is, but only on a minor scale these days.  Never before have I seen a company keep their customers this far into the loop.  Daily journals, sometimes more than daily, keep the customers up to date on what they are doing to fix it and how it will work when it does get fixed.  It still is to this day a work in progress, but the CEO of Stardock, Brad Wardell, actually works with individuals getting it running.  Ev...

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Good, If You've Never Done It Before 0

                I actually thought Demigod was pretty fun.   I've played several Stardock titles, and they're not all great, but this game felt pretty solid.   It is an obvious riff on the "Defense of the Ancients" types of strategy games, although it did suffer from a few major flaws.                 For me, the number one reason I enjoyed this game was because it supported single player.   DotA was always frustrating for me because I missed the initial rush of people getting on it, an...

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