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Demigod is Semigood

Demigod's biggest failings (as of this review) are where the game needs to be strongest for a successful future: the multiplayer.

Currently Demigod's multiplayer is still plagued with connectivity problems and lacks many standard features.  For instance - There is no way to play the tournament games with a friend.  This is a common feature that should have been available from launch.  That is just one thing though.

The game also suffers from unstable online matchmaking.  Generally, if you're lucky enough to get into a game successfully, it will take you anywhere from 5-7 minutes just to get INTO a game.  That is starting from the time you push the button to find a match.  The game will first need to locate other players, then it will attempt to connect all of you.  These are the two longest steps of the setup.  Those to requirements are met - it will then wait for all players to load the game before allowing you into the game. 

Once that is all said and done you still have an uphill battle to fight.

Will the game drop players unexpectedly this time?  Will the host leave and cause the game to end?  Will you experience any of the many bugs still left in the game such as your DG being unresponsive for extended periods of time (not lag since other characters and events are moving on smoothly).  Not only that but I play on a computer that can run Crysis on my native resolution just fine, meanwhile a game like Demigod will start out smoothly, and about halfway through a match, will start to chug like a slideshow.

Now the game itself is great.  The heroes all feel unique from one another and there are various ways to build your character in terms of skills and items.  You can upgrade various aspects of your team through the citadel; buying upgrades for your army, new units, buffs for the DGs and whatnot.

It is really enjoyable and a lot of fun when you actually get into a stable online environment.  Most players have been willing to work together and realize the benefit of fighting towards a common goal even in a small battle.  Of the games I have had the luxury of starting and finishing everyone I was able to play with was responsive and team-oriented and it is this coupled with the exciting and fun gameplay that keeps me hanging on hope that once the game is fixed and in a much more stable and playable state will be a very good game worthy of your time and effort.

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Posted by TheFrostedGamer

I agree with all that. I just review the game a little higher because I've been mostly playing over LAN with friends so I'm not experiencing all the online issues people are. When the game is working right (and you're playing with people who work together and understand the system), its absolutely fantastic. Perception is reality, and that's my perception. I think Demigod should lose points for the online issues, but not enough to drop it below a 4/5 because the core game is really great.

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