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Skills in Diablo III


Demon Hunter

Bola Shot: A spinning projectile that wraps around a target and explodes a few seconds later

  • Volatile Explosive (level 14): Increases explosion radius.
  • Thunder Ball (level 24): Once it explodes, it deals extra lightning damage and a chance to stun target.
  • Acid Strike (level 37): Shoots 3 shots for poison damage instead of explosion.
  • Bitter Pill (level 51): Once it explodes, increases chance to regain Discipline.
  • Imminent Doom (level (57): Adds arcane damage and extra damage to surrounding target but takes longer to explode.

Caltrops: Small bits of shaped metal that damage enemies who walk over them (it may also slow them down slightly)

  • Hooked Spines (level (12): Increases time to slow enemies.
  • Torturous Ground (level 18): When trap is activated, enemies cannot move.
  • Jagged Spikes (level 28): Enemies take additional physical damage.
  • Carved Stakes (level 41): Reduces cost of skill.
  • Bait the Trap (level 54): Standing the trap gains additional chance to critically hit enemies.

Chakram: A sharpened star shaped disk that the DH throws dealing damage to targets in its path.

  • Twin Chakrams: A second Chakram is thrown adding extra physical damage.
  • Serpentine (level 26): It follows a slow curve but it adds poison damage,
  • Razor Disk (level 34): The Chakram spins to the target for arcane damage.
  • Boomerang (level 48): It loops back dealing lightning damage.
  • Shuriken Cloud (level 57): Player is surrounded by Chakrams.

Cluster Arrow: The DH fires an arrow that hits the ground, and grenades erupt from the consequent blast, which in turn explode to damage enemies.

  • Dazzling Arrow (level 33): Increases chance to stun enemies and converts from fire to physical damage.
  • Shooting Stars (level 36): Grenades are switched to rockets dealing extra physical damage.
  • Maelstrom (level 41): Grenades are switched to shadow energy dealing extra physical damage and chance to gain damage to life.
  • Cluster Bombs (level 49): Cluster is thrown in the air and bomb are dropped in a straight line that deals with fire damage.
  • Loaded for Bear (level 58): Increase damage to a huge amount of fire damage.

Companion: Summon a raven companion to peck at your enemies.

  • Spider Companion (level 22): Swaps raven for a spider and it slow's enemy movement.
  • Bat Companion (level 29): Swaps raven for bat and it regenerates additional hatred.
  • Boar Companion (level 41): Changes raven for a boar and it damages enemies a in a area.
  • Ferret Companion (level 46): Changes the raven for a ferret and it increases gold find and collects gold from the ground.
  • Wolf Companion (level 59): Raven is swapped out for a wold and it deals extra physical damage.

Elemental Arrow: Shoots a piercing arrow that deals elemental damage.

  • Ball Lightning (level 24): Fires a slow arrow that deals with lightning damage.
  • Frost Arrow (level 29): Fires a frost arrow that splits into multiple arrows dealing cold damage and slows enemy's movement.
  • Screaming Skull (level 36): Increases chance to shoot a skull that casts fear.
  • Lightning Bolts (level 43): Fires electric bolts that has a chance of stunning enemies on critical hits.
  • Nether Tentacles (level 59): Shadow tentacles deals extra damage which also increases chance of damage converted to life.

Entangling Shot : A arrow that deals damage and slows the target's movement speed, the slow effect will spreed to other targets if they are close.

  • Chain Gang (level 9): Increases target
  • Shock Collar (Shoots electrified chains that deal lightning damage.
  • Heavy Burden (level 34): Increases time for enemy slowdown.
  • Justice is Served (level 47): Adds extra hatred generated.
  • Bounty Hunter (level 54): Increases chance to convert damage dealt to life.

Evasive Fire: Shoots an enemy, also backflips if the enemy is nearby.

  • Shrapnel (level 21): Shoots exploding bolts that deal fire damage.
  • Parting Gift (level 26): Upon doing a backflip, a poisonous bomb is dropped that deals poison damage in a given radius.
  • Covering Fire (level 34): Shoots a spread of bolts that hits a number of targets.
  • Displace (level 42): Add distance to the backflip.
  • Surge (level 53): Reduces cost of backflip and converts to lightning damage.

Fan of Knives: Knives spiral out around the Demon Hunter damaging any enemies with in range.

  • Crippling Razors (level 23): Adds additional slow time to enemies.
  • Retaliate (level 32): Surrounds player with blades that deal extra damage if enemy is caught for a certain amount of time.
  • Hail of Knives (level 38): Increases radius of damage.
  • Fan of Daggers (level 44): Increases chance to stun enemies.
  • Assassin's Knives (level 59): Throws long-range knives that deal additional damage to targets.

Grenades: The Demon Hunter Trows out 3 grenades that bounce for a second or two then explode. damaging enemies in range.

  • Tinkerer (level 22): Increases hatred regeneration.
  • Cluster Grenades (level 32): Throws cluster grenades that deals additional fire damage in a radius.
  • Fire Bomb (level 40): A single bomb is thrown for additional fire damage.
  • Stun Grenades (level 48): Grenades has is a chance of stunning enemies.
  • Gas Grenades (level 60): Grenades have poison damage and leaves a cloud and linger for additional poison damage.

Hungering Arrow: A bolt that seeks out enemies and does damage and has an chance to pierce the target.

  • Puncturing Arrow(level 6): Increases chance to arrow to pierce.
  • Cinder Arrow (level 17): Adds fire to the arrow for additional fire damage.
  • Shatter Shot (level 26): Once arrow hits targets, it splits into a additional number of arrows.
  • Devouring Arrow (level 42): Each consecutive arrow that pierces enemy is creases damage.
  • Spray of Teeth (level 52): Critical hits cause bone fragments to hit targets to add additional damage.

Impale: Throw a Knife straight to the head of an enemy.

  • Impale (level 7): Knife causes knockback and adds chance to stun enemy.
  • Chemical Burn (level 15): Traget will bleed for additional damage.
  • Overpenetration (level 28): Knife will pierce through all enemies in a straight line.
  • Awareness (level 53): After throw, multiple blades are released and centered around the player dealing additional damage to enemies with radius.
  • Grievous Wounds (level 58): Critical hits cause additional damage.

Marked for Death: The DH singles out a target. Any attack that hits will do increased damage, as long as the target stays marked.

  • Contagion (level 27): Once targe is kill, it moves to other nearby targets.
  • Valley of Death (L 31): Marks an area on the ground within a radius. Any enemies entering this area will take additional damage.
  • Grim Reaper (level 39): Additional damage done to the target is divided within all enemies in a radius.
  • Mortal Enemy (level 48): An attack from an enemy will generate hatred for the player.
  • Death Toll (level 60): Heals attackers for damage done to marked target.

Multishot: A Cone effect skill that fires a few dozen little arrows out damaging all in range.

  • Fire at Will (level 26): Cost of hatred is reduced and additional lightning damage is dealt.
  • Burst Fire (level 31): For every shot fired, close enemies are shocked for arcane damage.
  • Suppression Fire (level 39): Each hit give Discipline.
  • Full Broadside(level 46): Increases damage.
  • Arsenal (level 55): Also fires rockets that deals fire damage.

Preparation: Restores all discipline.

  • Invigoration (level 19): Increases maximum discipline.
  • Punishment (level 25): Restores hatred that costs discipline with no cooldown.
  • Battle Scars (level 35): Additional life is gained.
  • Focused Mind (44): Discipline is gained over time instead of immediately.
  • Backup Plan (level 52): Increases chance of cooldown not being used.

Rain of Vengeance: The DH fires a single arrow into the air, what returns to the ground is not one but a hundred arrows landing in the target area.

  • Dark Cloud (level 35): Arrows are converted to guided arrows.
  • Beastly Bombs (level 40): Shadow Beasts are summoned that drop grenades.
  • Stampede(level 54): Shadow Beasts are summoned to charge through enemies causing knockback.
  • Anathema (level 54): A Shadow Beast drops powerful grenades from the sky.
  • Flying Strike (level 60): Shadow Beasts charge in from sky to tackle enemies on the ground.

Rapid Fire: Shoots a barrage of arrows at a target.

  • Withering Fire (level 11): Cost of skill is reduced and adds fire damage.
  • Web Shot (level 19): Slows targets.
  • Fire Support (level 32): Rockets are produced every second that deals physical damage.
  • High Velocity (level 45): Arrows are poisoned and can pierce enemies.
  • Bombardment (level 56): Arrows are swapped for grenades for fire damage within a radius.

Sentry: The DH drops a crossbow turret that fires on targets automatically.

  • Spitfire Turret (level 28): Also fires rockets for fire damage.
  • Vigilant Watcher (level 36): Increases time of turret use.
  • Chain of Torment (level 45): A tether is creates between player and sentry that deals extra damage.
  • Aid Station (level 52): Heal allies that get near the sentry.
  • Guardian Turret (level 60): Creates a shield around the turret.

Shadow Power: Greatly increases attack speed for a short time.

  • Night Bane (level 21): Additional hatred is gained.
  • Blood Moon (level 29): Damage is converted to life.
  • Well of Darkness (level 37); Cost to use discipline is decreased.
  • Gloom (level 51): Enemy attacks are reduced.
  • Shadow Glide (level 58): Movement speed is increased.

Smoke Screen: An escape skill, that turns the DH invisible for a short period of time.

  • Displacement (level 14): Movement speed is increased.
  • Lingering Fog (level 23): Time of skill s increased.
  • Breathe Deep (level 33): Additional hatred is gained.
  • Special Recipe (level 44): Cost to use skill is dropped.
  • Choking Gas (level 59): Smoke is changed to gas that deals physical damage.

Spike Trap: A trap that is activated once a enemy gets close to it.

  • Bandolier (level 27): Additional traps can be laid out.
  • Sticky Trap (level 30): Bomb is planted on the enemy. Once enemy dies within time limit, additional damage is done to enemies within radius.
  • Long Fuse (level 39): Takes longer to arm but deals extra damage.
  • Lightning Rod (level 46): Once trap is triggered, lighting is released that bounces at multiple enemies for lightning damage.
  • Scatter (level 55): Drops multiple traps at the same time.

Strafe: Shoots arrows at enemies while slowly moving in a direction.

  • Equilibrium (level 24): Attack speed is increased.
  • Drifting Shadow (level 29): Movement speed is increased.
  • Stinging Steel (level 37): Swaps out arrows for knives for extra damage on critical hits.
  • Rocket Storm (level 50): Homing rockets are also fired for fire damage.
  • Demolition (level 56): Bouncing grenades are thrown for radius damage.

Vault: A defensive move where the Demon Hunter does a series of cartwheels to put distance between her and her enemies.

  • Action Shot (level 16): During the vault an arrow is shot.
  • Rattling Roll (level 23): All enemies are knocked back and stunned.
  • Tumble (level 33): After using vault, the next vault will cost less to use.
  • Acrobatics (level 38): Converts Discipline to a cooldown.
  • Trail of Cinders (level 49): A trail of fire is left after performing a vault which deals additional fire damage for a few seconds.


Archery: Bonus damage on different types of weapons. Bows increase damage whilst Crossbows and Hand Crossbows increase critical hits.
Ballistics : Rocket damage is increased.
Brooding : Small percent of life is regenerated per second.
Cull the Weak : Enemies that have been slowed down take more damage.
Custom Engineering : Time is increased for Caltrops, Marked for Death, Spike Trap, and Sentry, It also increases the number if Sentries placed.
Grenadier : Increases Hatred generations for grenades, reduces cost for Cluster Arrow and upon dying, a grenade is dropped that explodes for fire damage.
Hot Pursuit : When Hatred is at maximum, movement speed is increased.
Night Stalker : Critical hits increase Discipline.
Numbing Traps - Enemies attack are decreased if they have been hit by Fan of Knives, Spike Trap, Caltrops, Grenades or Sentry Fire..
Perfectionist : Reduces cost of Discipline and increases life, armor and all resistances.
Sharpshooter : Increases chance for a critical hit and resets once the hit has been made.
Steady Aim : Extra damage is added if there aren't any enemies in the surrounding area.
Tactical Advantage : When either Vault, Smoke Screen or Backflip is used in combination with Evasive Fire, movement speed is increased for a few seconds.
Thrill of the Hunt: Every couple of seconds, for the next skill to cost Hatred would immobilize the target for a few seconds.
Vengeance :Maximum Hatred is increased and health globes would also increase Hatred and Discipline.

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