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Demon Sword (Fudo Myouoden in Japan, named after the Buddhist deity Fudo Myo-o) is a side-scrolling action game with a very fast pace, the hero Victar moving across the screen quite rapidly. The goal is to defeat a demon using a multi-pronged sword which requires some assembling before the final battle.

The game is a spiritual successor of sorts to Taito's earlier The Legend of Kage, as it shares a similar sense of speed and high-leaping action. The game is also quite reminiscent of Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden games, with the difficult to avoid enemies and the array of ninja powers at Victar's command.

Though the game did receive an American version, it was greatly reduced in size to fit onto the standard 2mb cart. This includes losing almost half the stages in the game, several of the powers and a newly truncated ending sequence. Demon Sword's cover also inexplicably features a tanned western barbarian, rather than the svelte pale figure in red the game depicts.

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