Anyone Want to See Demon's Crest Return?

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Yes. Unlike Strider, this game was actually pretty fucking rad and people don't talk about it often enough. On the other hand, Bionic Commando 2 wasn't a stellar success, and as much as Capcom like returning to the well, this is never the game people are talking about wanting to come back. Which is a shame, cus Kid Chameleon with demons, that's such a boss idea for a sidescrolling game.

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Hell yeah I do, one of my favorite SNES games.

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That could be cool.

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+1 to wanting to see a return

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Demon's Crest is one of my favourite SNES games. With its great graphics and music, interesting and well-honed play mechanics and multiple endings based on how thorough you were, it's such a great value-for-money title.


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