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#1 Posted by xXDiabloFanXx (50 posts) -

I' m SL 75 and I'm having some trouble with the Old Hero or getting to him at least. I'm low on spices as well as moon grass. With this aside, is there any of you that think my SL should be higher to tackle this area?

#2 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19396 posts) -

No. I was at a way lower SL than you when I went through that level and defeated the Old Hero. Then again, I was a magician and the game's PvE is real easy with a dedicated magic oriented class.

#3 Posted by McGhee (6075 posts) -

This guy's videos were helpful to me when I was playing Demon's Souls.

#4 Posted by xXDiabloFanXx (50 posts) -

It's getting passed those damn reapers, and then when I got to the Old Hero I couldn't turn back. So I sustained much damage and got him down to 3/4 of his health before dying because he was cheap and while I was down decided to do his explosion attack and finish me off :/

#5 Posted by ytidrusba (7 posts) -

as previous poster said SL 75 is more than sufficient to get through this level.  tip on the reapers, do not use magic upgraded weapons/arrows as their magic defenses are high.  also, try and rush them to finish them off before they have a chance to cast, and before the shadowlurkers surround you.  if you're still having trouble equip the rune shield to protect you against their magic.   
the old hero is an easy boss fight, just make sure to have plenty of arrows.  you can hit him twice from behind with arrows/magic and the run behind that first stone in front of the fog gate.  you should be able to get through it without getting hit if you're patient. 
#6 Posted by fini_fly (767 posts) -

I was at a much lower SL when I beat him. I used arrows and just kept quiet. If I was in a bind, I would run to the other end of the room and wait until he couldn't find me anymore. Good luck.

#7 Posted by xXDiabloFanXx (50 posts) -

Well I just beat the game a few hours ago. You can make the reaper down below the first ledge commit suicide by throwing soul remains until he jumps off the ledge. As for the Old Hero, just equip your Theif's Ring and slash away. Blind bastard don't know what's coming :p Other than that Garl Vinland And Allant were easy to finish, so was the Dirty Colossus.

#8 Posted by punpun (232 posts) -

man screw ranged attacks. this thread is full of suckers.

#9 Posted by Bloopa79Aus (119 posts) -

I must have been rather lucky with this battle , I got him first time I was a dex based char weilding the dragon longword +5 wearing black leather i just did melee and watched for his attacks . I was soul lvl 75 when i finished the game

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