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So I just finished Boletaria 1-1 and so far I'm loving everything about this game. But this game is deep and I started out as a barbarian (which I've read is not for beginners). I just want to ask opinions on how to build a competent barbarian. Also, I've been stuck with my club for quite a while now so I also want to ask if there's any decent crushing weapon that I would encounter soon. I'm currently at Boletaria 1-2.

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You  made the game harder for yourself on first run no doubt, but if this is the build you wanna stick with then make sure you get enough Endurance and strength leveled so you aren't a one hit wonder and leave yourself open. You should be able to find a decent weapon in 1-2 i think for your big dude due to the large knights dropping things, if not you could head to the Shrine of Storms 1-1 and 1-2 and look there, giant skelleton's drop some large swords and I know you can find some there too. Just be prepared for a fight.
I never used anything bigger than a Rapier for 90% of the game until I got the Makoto Sword.

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