Dark Souls Vet Needs Advice on How to Proceed in Demon's Souls

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Hey I was hoping somebody could give me advice on a good progression (area to area) for a first time through Demon's Souls. I beat Dark Souls and have played a lot of NG+ - I've logged more than 70 hours into it and love it but Demon's Souls is just different enough that I'm just not sure where to go. I've beaten the first boss (Phalanx) and kind of wandered around a bit here and there but the lack of bonfires and the central hub are throwing me off.

Any suggested area progression breakdown? Like go here, beat this boss, return to this place, etc. etc. I can figure out the specifics myself and know how I want to spec my character. I just feel super lost and frustrated. I feel like Dark Souls alleviated a lot of the issues in Demon's Souls.

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I'm assuming you're talking about the dreaded "Go to the Monumental" part of the game; it's a tiny buddha statue with a candle in front of it on the upper tier of the Nexus. After that my first time through I went 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 5-1, 1-2 etc, the world designations being left to right if you're facing the arch stone circular staircase (so 1-1 is where you fought Phalanx).

In terms of design: World 1 (Boletarian Palace) is fantastic and on par with much of Dark Souls; maybe not quite as good as Anor Londo but relatively close. World 2 (Stonefang Tunnel) is also pretty damn good and probably has the best boss design in the series. World 3 (Tower of Latria) is eh mediocre, whatever your least favorite Dark Souls area is is comparable but World 3 is lower in difficulty. World 4 (Shrine of Storms) is solid, has some issues but pretty good boss and enemy design. World 5 (Valley of Defilement) is AIDS; about the only redeeming factor is the boss of the third area's music, but if you didn't enjoy Blighttown in Dark Souls you're going to see its vastly inferior predecessor.

Compared to Dark Souls many of the bosses are downright trivial, but the notable exceptions are the bosses of 1-4, 2-2, and 3-2, the first two both being excellent and the third one being a poorly designed gearcheck; think Four Kings but on a 1 roll wide ledge.

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Your best path in your first play through is to do all the first sections of each archstone (world). The area you killed the Phalanx is 1-1, now you should do 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 5-1. Those are the easier levels. And give you an idea of how each will progress enemy wise. I would recommend 2-1 first. Then 3-1 or 4-1 if you are magic user as there is a great magic sword to pick up in 4-1 (but it has harder enemy types). Then go back and d 1-2. After that its up to you as each one only has 3 sections. Aside from the first world wich has 4. but you can not progress to 1-3 until you beat an arch-demon which is a boss of a *-3 section.

What class are you playing? There is also a second smith in 2-1 that you can find who does better upgrades than the one in the nexus. He also does all the boss soul upgrades later on. And if you are a magic user clearing all of the third arcstone first is your best bet, as those boss souls all unlock magic spells from a vendor, who you also unlock in 3-1.

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@Fredchuckdave: No I did the monumental part. I've leveled up and such and now I'm just lost. I'll try out your suggestions though... @oulzac: Thanks for that! I'll try that out.

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Oh PS yeah I tried to run through the Valley of Defilement first off and that was a mistake. It's like a super crappy Blighttown.

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World 4 has the best soul income, but it's not necessarily all that easy to progress in your first go around; if you go there first you'll wind up much more powerful for other sections of the game. World 1 is useful for farming grasses of which you can have up to 99 of each. "Blue Eyed" Knights are guaranteed to drop higher quality grasses. World 4 also contains a "Crescent" weapon which has innate mana regenerations and an Adjudicator shield which has innate health regeneration; both can be quite useful.

If you find yourself stuck on a very large boss near a precipice then look around; it's probably a puzzle of sorts.

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Theres a pretty standup weapon right in the beginning of 4. I didnt really know what the level progression was all about when i first started. I tried Valley of Defilement first and stopped playing the game in frustration for months. Then when i picked it back up the first place I went was 4. It took some slogging through but i gained a lot of levels and got a cool weapon before I gave that up in frustration. I then went back in the valley of defilement and did allright. I really don't recommend that path at all.

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Valley of Defilement is worse than Hitler.

I'm pretty sure this is in the design document.

Tower of Latria is atmospheric as hell and I really like it, even if the bosses are gimmicks they're GREAT gimmicks.

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Well I beat the armored spider in area 2 and I'm in the Tower of Latria...I'm going to just proceed through in order for now and take some time to grind and find great equipment. That ended up helping me get the feel of Dark Souls and find it a lot more manageable.

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