Demon's Souls set to die in May. Servers shutting down.

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After numerous extensions, ATLUS confirmed it will finally turn off the North American servers for Demon's Souls on May 31, 2012.

The servers will officially turn off  at 11:59 PM PST. ATLUS says the single-player portion of the game will remain unaffected. The company will have two separate World Tendency events next month, May 1-15 and May 16-31, based on fan voting.

ATLUS encourages all players to sign on May 31 one last time before saying goodbye

Seems kinda early for a game like this. I guess everyone hopped to Dark Souls.
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Nooooooooo that fucking sucks, I am going to have to go do another run (at least 1 more) before they shut it down. Damn that makes me sad, I wish they could have kept the servers up, I feel like it would not take up too much bandwidth, how many people still play?

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@Metal_Mills: well it was supposed to get shutdown last year before Dark Souls came out but they extended servers for a few more months.  It was inevitably going to get shutdown sometime this year.
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Has it been three years since it was released? Wow, feels like it was ages ago since I jumped in...then again I've got the Asian copy so I don't know how long those will last (unless you only connect to the players in your region based on your location.)

#5 Posted by emem (1974 posts) -

That's terrible. I can't play the game anymore, because my PS3 broke (BluRay drive issue)... I guess I'll have to wait for the "4k remake" to finally finish the game. :/

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There's going to be another set of world tendency events? Well, at least I can grab the last two gold trophies I need for my platinum without trying to force myself into pure black world tendency. Still have no idea how that works, I only got the game in November and powered through it. Farewell Demons souls servers! I enjoyed my time with you.

#7 Posted by GioVANNI (1294 posts) -

I guess I should probably buy and play this game before that happens.

#8 Posted by BongChilla (234 posts) -

Ive never played demons' or Dark Sould, always wanted to though. How important was the online component as a whole?

#9 Posted by Marz (5672 posts) -
@BongChilla said:
Ive never played demons' or Dark Sould, always wanted to though. How important was the online component as a whole?
online portion was a fairly big part of the game, it wouldn't be the same without seeing all the people's hints and bloodstains on the ground and invasions that scared the shit out of you.   But i guess the game's been out long enough where all the secrets and boss strategies are online in wiki's and youtube.  
#10 Posted by ahgunsillyo (458 posts) -

I still haven't beaten this game.

#11 Posted by eroticfishcake (7792 posts) -

@BongChilla: It's a big factor when it comes to the PvP/Co-Op as well as changing the difficulty of the worlds (some worlds will have more/tougher enemies depending on "World Tendency" which is governed by a bunch of stuff) but it's still very playable offline. In fact, you can still get all the trophies offline. It'll just take a bit longer.

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@Marz Does Dark Souls have the same features? I'm thinking of picking it up now haha.
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I just got this game last week so this is fucking terrible news. Goddammit, this sucks.

#14 Posted by Marz (5672 posts) -
@BongChilla said:
@Marz Does Dark Souls have the same features? I'm thinking of picking it up now haha.
dark souls does bring that back in slightly different ways, there is no world tendency stuff in Dark Souls which made the difficulty go up or down based on whether the world was Dark or Light.
#15 Posted by MetalBaofu (1443 posts) -

I've been considering buying it and finally playing it ever since I got Dark Souls. Guess I procrastinated too long on that one.

#16 Posted by benspyda (2051 posts) -

I'm glad I got through it last year. But that still sucks, at least those who have beaten it don't need the hints anymore. But the lack PvP would be a bummer.

#17 Posted by Sackmanjones (4762 posts) -

Phew!I thought the title said Dark Souls * puts computer down* 
Still sucks, never got really deep into Demon's Souls.

#18 Posted by James_Giant_Peach (751 posts) -

Dude that's weird.

#19 Posted by benjaebe (2784 posts) -

Damn shame. Had to happen eventually though. Props to Atlus for putting their ass on the line localizing the game and introducing it to a western audience, as well as keeping the servers running for as long as they have. Demons Souls and Dark Souls are easily my favorite games of this generation.

#20 Posted by Pepsiman (2491 posts) -

I imagine that some dedicated fans will eventually come up with a server emulator of some sort to bring the online component back to life. I imagine that setting it up won't be as (relatively) easy as, say, Phantasy Star Online, but I suspect that the fan community is too dedicated to the series at this point to let such a pivotal feature of the original game go away forever. Props to Atlus for keeping the servers up for as long as they have, though. Their business model rarely seems to yield much in the way of profits at all, so it speaks to how successful Demon's Souls was (and still is, really) financially and culturally for those servers to stay up as long as they have.

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Ouch... I've only played Dark Souls, but it seems like losing the servers will impact the game in a big, big way.

#22 Posted by Karkarov (3292 posts) -

Yeah this sucks, I still pity people who think Dark Souls had good online and never bothered playing Demon's Souls.

#23 Posted by Hells (69 posts) -

Sooooo... I say they try a Kickstarter to fund the servers to stay alive another year. Make it happen Atlus. ;)

#24 Posted by xyzygy (10079 posts) -

To be honest while Demon's was fun I had more fun with Dark. I think many people thought the same and kind of jumped on Dark. Demon's was such a great game though. Still much fun to be had in single player!

#25 Posted by OllyOxenFree (4988 posts) -

Demon's Souls: Not Like This with Vinny playing and hosting gooooooooo!

#26 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1536 posts) -

I still have another character that I didn't beat the game with, so I guess I'll go back and do that.

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Yeah, but while that means you can no longer do PVP, there weren't any online-only trophies, so its not like you couldn't play the game anymore.

#28 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4702 posts) -

I know what i'm playing in May.

#29 Posted by mordukai (7185 posts) -

Sucks. From talking to people on the wiki site the PvP is much better then Dark Souls. I wouldn't know because as soon as I saw that hack job they did with the Dark SOuls PvP I returned my copy.

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The True Demon's Souls Ends Here.

The Old Monk boss fight will totally be different now. Online PvP was pretty much the point of that fight.

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I have yet to beat the Flame Lurker...

I am so screwed.

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