Higher Soul Level Characters in same Area

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Can you have someone in your same area that is around 100+ soul level if you're around 70-80? It wouldn't seem fair to have someone that high of a level killing off everyone in one area and act like a bully for that region.

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Could you rephrase that question a bit? I'm a bit confused towards what you are asking

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There is supposed to be a level limit, but I know that only being for co-op play. Plus 100+ is pretty vague. If it's 100 and you're 80, that wouldn't seem too bad. But if it's a lot further apart, maybe something is up.

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well from what I know is that you can only summon people that are 10 levels higher or lower then you as a blue phantom, the same should also apply for black phantoms as well if that is what you are asking.
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@Ghost249: Yeah it is. thanks for the reply.
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I think below lvl 100, you have to be at most 10 apart, and above lvl 100 I think it's 25.

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here's the level restriction formula:  host soul level +/- (host soul level * .1) + 10, always round down.   
so if your soul level is 75, the max invading enemy PvP soul level is 75 + (75*.1) +10 = 92.5, rounded down is 92.   
[formula from demon's souls wiki, which has been consistent with my PvP experience.]

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