How do i get co-op going?

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My brother and I are trying to get into the same game but we have no idea how to "invite" each other. Note that we both just bought the game and both are still in 1-1.

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@AntoineDiamonds: in order to coop both of you have to beat the boss phalanx in 1-1 and talk to the maiden back in the nexus and then monumental at the VERY top of the nexus thus you should have everything you need to go cooping. Requirements for cooping: the host (in this case either you or your brother) has to be in body form (you'll know if your alive if you don't see phantomish outline and a full health bar), the other person will have to be in soul form which if you both defeated the phalanx boss, one of you just kill yourselves in the nexus, then go into the world you wish to coop (Note: you must be at least 10 levels near each other so if your for example soul lvl 14 you brother cannot be higher then 24 [this is me rough guessing though you can search for the wiki with the level range tool]). Also if you want to know your soul level just press start and you'll find it. Now the final part to cooping is that you both must agree on a spot to meet so that way you can summon him more often then some random stranger pulling him. IMPORTANT info: the phantom that you are summoning (if they reach the boss alive and help you throughout the fight) kills the boss for you (if you are the host) they will not get to progress further on to help you if they, the phantom, did not kill the boss in their own world. (that sounds like gibberish but think about it carefully)

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you don't

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