i was invaded by the phantom "bigbuttcrack"

#1 Posted by aliss (81 posts) -

is this hillarious or what?! not only is the guy a dick for invading my world but his PSN handle even says so
after an EPIC battle i lost :(
what i learned:
1) be aggressive in PvP, don't let them runaway and heal
2) should have summoned a blue phantom for backup
3) hand of god is a nice weapon but why can't it hit something after you knock it to the ground?!
it was fun though :)

#2 Posted by Turambar (6898 posts) -

one thing to try to do while using fist weapons is after a knock down, immediatly get behind them and try to land a back punch right when they get up.  And yeah, one-use revival is a far better "healing" spell to have than actually chopping on herbs.  Too bad I went with anti-magic field in my first play through :\

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