Kleenex, please?

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So, I just recently picked this game up. It's great, obviously. 
But I wanted a few opinions on the second red eye knight in 1-3. I took care of the first one, no problem. But as soon as I entered the fog, that motherfucker wielding a two-handed sword chased me down the stairs and took me out. I'm thinking that I should two-hand my weapon as well, which I very rarely do, seeing as how my shield is pretty much useless against his pierce attack. 
Thoughts on tactics or items I that I should go and find?

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Skip em and come back later? I can not recall. Do you HAVE to fight him? 

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Soul Ray works pretty well against the knight but keep your distance.

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Two-handing your weapon is pretty damn important. It can help out a lot. When in doubt you can always just wait around for some phantoms too.

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@The_Laughing_Man: Apparently. I just finished world 2 and I wanted to go back and finish world 1since I skewered the Dragon God.
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@solh0und: I really need to get on that Soul Ray wagon. I guess I should go find that guy that is able to teach it.
#7 Posted by Solh0und (1987 posts) -
@r2khimself said:
@solh0und: I really need to get on that Soul Ray wagon. I guess I should go find that guy that is able to teach it.
Freke the sage can teach it to you but you must rescue him from 3-1 and kill the 3-1 boss.
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@solh0und: Awesome. Thanks.
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@r2khimself said:
@solh0und: Awesome. Thanks.
Oh and don't forget to give him the 3-1 boss soul for Soul Ray.

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