Scraping Spear - from ANY Winged Spear, or only Basic?

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Hi guys,

Decided to revisit Boletaria (got super frustrated first time round and sold the damn thing about 5 hours into the game) in the wake of all the Dark Souls hype, and I'm enjoying myself much more the second time round.

Quick question, so I got the Lead Demon's Soul after killing Phalanx, and I'd like to keep it with an eye to getting a Scraping SpearMy question is, can I upgrade to the Scraping Spear from ANY Winged Spear +7, or does it have to be the Basic Winged Spear +7?

I have a Quality Winged Spear +2 right now, and I'd rather not use a meltstone unless I need to.

Thanks in advance!

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Damn, where did you get a Quality Winged Spear +2? Also, to answer your question, you will need a Winged Spear +7 without the adjective on front, so a basic one. Don't melt your quality one though, just kill red eye knights in 1-1 until one drops, shouldn't be too long.

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@Jimmi: Ah, thanks, I guess I'll head back to 1-1 then.

As for getting the Quality Winged Spear +2, no, it wasn't a drop =) I just upgraded a regular Winger Spear with the requisite stones I found along the way. Taking a page outta Vinny's book, shield and spear do help keep me alive.

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