Should I buy a PS3 for Demon's souls?

#1 Posted by bighat_logan (191 posts) -

As you can tell by my username I'm a big fan of Dark Souls.  Dark souls is the only game I've played for the last three months and I've new game+ed 4 times. I'm a 360 owner only so I never got to play the original Demon's souls. Is Demon's souls good enough to buy a whole new console for?

#2 Posted by Addfwyn (1982 posts) -

I'm generally against the idea of suggesting anybody buy a platform for one single game. Demon's Souls is a great game, but if that's absolutely the only thing you'd play on your PS3...then no.

If however, you are interested in the wide library of stuff the PS3 has in addition to that (it has some fantastic exclusive stuff, especially on the PSN) then I say go for it. PS3s are relatively affordable these days, and there's a lot of good stuff on it.

I can never, in good conscience, say that buying a console for 1 game is a good idea though.

#3 Posted by ToxicFruit (1890 posts) -

Demon's souls is a great game but darks souls is a better imo,

But even if it was not a better game getting a console for 1 game is dumb

#4 Posted by IAmNotBatman (689 posts) -

@Tfruit said:

getting a console for 1 game is dumb
#5 Posted by bighat_logan (191 posts) -
@Addfwyn: Yeah, I guess it's not a good idea. I'll just let my life be consumed by The Witcher 2 when that comes out.
#6 Posted by Kerned (1183 posts) -

Dark Souls is the better of the two games, in my opinion, and the one I played first. Going back and playing Demon's Souls second really drew attention to its shortcomings. It's good, but Dark Souls improved on so much.

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I like Demon's Souls more than Dark Souls but as already said

@Tfruit said:

getting a console for 1 game is dumb
#8 Posted by Elyk247 (400 posts) -

No. The Soul's games aren't all that, in fact they're quite awful imo.

#9 Edited by Willtron (249 posts) -

If it's an access point for other PS3 games/features, sure.

Otherwise, God no. Especially when Demon's Souls is just Dark Souls 1.0 anyway.

#10 Posted by xxizzypop (644 posts) -

@bighat_logan: Personally, I've been really loving Demon's Souls. If it's the only game you'll ever play on the system ever, then, no, probably not. But having another platform to purchase games for and a Blu-ray player isn't half bad. I recently picked one up just so I could play all the console exclusives from the past, e.g. Heavy Rain, Killzone, Uncharted, etc.

#11 Posted by GunslingerX1983 (63 posts) -

I picked up Demons Souls today as i saw it cheap. everyone recently has been talking about Dark Souls and I was going to pick that up until this jumped out at me and I thought hey why not play them in order. Have i made a wise move? Thrown myself in at the deep end? Will i make it through before dark Souls becomes a classics title?

#12 Posted by StrainedEyes (1355 posts) -

I loved Dark Souls to death. I bought it for the PS3 and the 360. I S ranked it on the 360.

I have since bought Demon's Souls, and it really isn't pulling me in like Dark Souls did.

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