System seller or skyrim?

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I am pc elite scum with 500 usd graphics card but this game makes my mind spin from the looks of it. Should I get a ps3 or xbux or shut up and wait for skyrim? Thank you for you opinion.

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#3 Posted by JJOR64 (19548 posts) -

What's an "xbux?"

#4 Posted by sandwich_adjustment (703 posts) -

Oh god this isn't dark souls

#5 Posted by Marz (5716 posts) -

get a ps3 and you can get both demons souls and dark souls..  but....  if your not going to buy anything else for the ps3 in the future....  just save your money and wait for skyrim i guess.

#6 Posted by Smersh (224 posts) -

Buy a Commado64 and play Barbarian (aka Death Sword) instead.

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