Would someone kindly drop the 'offical's hat' for me? Please!

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I was wondering if any kind GiantBomb community member would do me a massive favour. Apparently I need the 'Officials cap' item dropped by the Fat Official behind the portcullis in 1-3 to unlock Yuria the Witch. Not realising this at the time, I was overburdened and dropped the item. I'm playing as a heavy magic user so without advanced spells like firestorm I'm kind of screwed. Can someone please help me out?

We'll need to arrange via pm a time to do pvp.

I would be so greatful if anyone could help me! I know a lot of you guys are probably playing darksouls right now but I'm sure a quick dip into demon's souls won't be too painfull.

Thanks! GB community is awesome and I'm sure you won't fail me!

*Edit* I've got the EU version of the game - not sure if that makes any difference

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To show my appreciation I will gift the person who does so any steam game under £5 :)

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Not sure about the region or if it makes a difference but post your soul level as well because you can only join games within a certain soul range (I think it is +-10 or -10+5). I would like to help you but I am stuck at work.

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@Sign: Thanks for the reply, my current soul level is 59

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@ShadowMountain: Did some more digging for you. Game is infact cross region so EU, NA, AS does not matter. As for level range, this is in the wiki,

The exact formula is : Host Soul level +/- (Host Soul Level * .1) + 10
Soul Level<101050100280712
Restriction± 10± 11± 15± 20± 38~ ± 81

So according to their actual level range calculator: The range of players you can play with is 44 to 74

I am not sure what soul range my characters are at atm, and like I said I am at work tonight but if no one has helped you out by tomorrow afternoon (after 1700 EDT) I will jump on and give you the hat if my characters are in range.

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@Sign:Wow thank you so much! I really appreciate this! I'll PM you then if no one else helps out. Thanks again!

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@ShadowMountain: Did you manage to get a hat? I just got home and loaded up my characters. The only character that had an Official's Cap in storage was my SL 97 character. So unless you want to grind to SL80 I won't be able to join your game to drop the hat.

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@Sign: Hey, No luck on the hat front yet - but I'm level 66 now so not too far off 80. Would it be ok to let you know when I reach lv 80?

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@ShadowMountain: Absolutely, if no one has come forward by the time you hit 80 let me know and when I am home I will pop on and drop it for you.

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@Sign:Ok I managed I'm at level 84 now after some tough grinding on 4-2, let me know when its a good time for you so I'll be online (I haven't arragned a pvp before - do we just set the blue stone marker on the ground in the same place?).

Is there any item you need? I'm still early-ish in the game and on my first playthrough so haven't got much - only rare items I have are Magic sword Makoto, Tower shield and Fragrand ring.

The things I'm in short supply of are Chunk of Moonlightstone and Pure moonlightstone so any extra you have would be awesome :)

EDIT: Do you have a spare Silver Coronet as well? That was the other item I dropped thinking I could pick it up later :( it kinda sucks being a magic user without its 20% mp boost. Thank you so much for your replies so far! Please let me know if there is anything I can get in my playthough that you may want for yours

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