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Demon's Souls Review

Demon's Souls is a PlayStation 3 RPG in which you will be trying to be the savior of the world. In this brutal intense game expect to die a lot, and yet not be completely defeated ever when you do die. This game was created by FROM Software, and published by Atlus.

Graphically this game looks pretty good. The models for your character and the enemies look amazing, and yet I feel like everything looks a little muddled. Your character, when in spirit form, has light radiating off it, and I have to say it makes the game look terrible. Everything really has that dark rundown feeling, and I have to say that the lighting, even though I know its meant to cause things to jump out at you, looks shotty.

The sounds of the game fit. The dragons sound just like they should. The dialog that you have to listen to when you talk to merchants gets a bit old when you have to go back to them over and over again. The music is minimal, if that.

The controls for the game are something you're going to have to memorize fast, and if you can swiftly learn how to utilize those controls to your advantage you're going to get far in the game. I do wish that there was a button to go through the inventory hotlist both ways. I really do wish that there was a jump button but there isn't one present in the game. The range shooting mechanic, maybe I'm doing it wrong, but it really doesn't do it for me, I've shot so many bolts without meaning to do so.

This is a brutal game for most. There are going to be those people out there that will find a way to play the game that will allow them to breeze through it. Unfortunately for me, this is a game where I'm seeing my character die over and over again. It might have to be with the frustration I feel after dying right near the end of a section and then having to do the entire section all over again, it might be the fact that sometimes once an enemy hits you once and then wails on you and you can't really recover, or it could be from getting one shot by the dragon just as your endurance runs out. Whatever the case this game is cruel to those who are trying to pick up where they left off. Now if you are a patient person, who can memorize enemy locations, it might take you a couple of times to get through, but you should be able to breeze through great sections of this game. Another problem I've personally run into is the fact that I never had any idea of how to level up, and until I found out in a FAQ that its the blind lady in the Nexus I have to talk to, I had just continued to play the first section over and over again hoping that this time through I'd level up.

There is a multiplayer portion to the game, though I've never been 100% sure how that works out. You'll see white ghost like characters running through, and that's people playing the section you're currently doing. There's also bloodspots that you can touch and then see how someone met their end. This is a unique game, in that when you die its because of you, its not because of some strange glitch, or a cheap shot. Love it or hate it this is a game that requires a look at. I'm definitely at a point where I feel like I've put a ton of time in, and so I'll keep coming back to this game, but for now I need the frustration to settle a bit. With that in mind this game gets an 7.6 out of 10.

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