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It's like there's a whole new world in here

If this game didn't have its own wiki site, I have no idea what the rating would be. For a game so deep, it seems almost nothing is explained in game, like giving Ed the Red Hot Demon Soul so he can make you legendary weapons.  
But since there is a wiki, and I knew exactly what I should do, I can't complain too much. This game rests safely between an action adventure and an MMO. Like most MMO's, you'll spend a great deal of time reading shit on the internet about it. What weapons go with what classes, what stat bonuses you want, some tips and hints, and even just communicating with the community about your travels in Boletaria. There's so many different ways to play the game, with crazy amounts of weapon types and spells and miracles. The game actually requires you to beat it 3 times if you want to get every spell, miracle and unique weapon. 
My favourite thing about the game, is how it's as old-school as it is new-school. There's the whole Everquest leveling style, where you can level up any stat you want (if you have enough souls, that is) which is nice to see in a console game (I guess that's like Oblivion as well?) but the levels are always exactly the same (OK that's a lie, sorta. More on this later) and the enemies are always in the same spot. That fact always got stuck in my head like the glory days of Nintendo-Hard, where there's not "really" any cheap enemy tactics; it's all player skill (and level, I suppose), but there is sometimes where you wish you weren't a melee character on a narrow cliff/bridge that you could easily fall off after one swing. And if you do fall - and die - you lose ALLLLLLLL your souls. Well, actually, you have ONE chance to get them all back. Running to your corpse, Diablo style. 
Your souls are your money and your experience points. 2 in 1. So you're double boned if you die again without finding your body.  Fuck. 
Which is why I can't state my love enough for this game. It's merciless, but it's fair. It's incredibly deep, but just as rewarding. It does all the right things to tickle the hardcore gamer in me. I can talk about the game for days, just about its unique features, and not run out of things to talk about. 
When I said the levels stay exactly the same and then I admitted my lie, I was referring to the World Tendency. Kill bosses; get white tendency, which in turn makes the game easier, but have less rewarding drops. Get killed in body form (oh, that's another thing I forgot to mention) and then you get black tendency, which of course does the opposite. 
There's body form, and there's soul form. Body form means full health, but you do less damage. It ALSO means,  you can summon OTHER PLAYERS to your world and take down the boss. But the catch is, players can summon themselves and invade your fucking world. You can do that in soul form.  

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