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Dennis Nedry is a character from the novel Jurassic Park as well as the movie and games based on it. He is an underpayed programmer that works for InGen, the company behind the development of Jurassic Park and the dinosaurs meant to inhabit it. He accepts a bribe from Biosyn, an InGen rival, in exchange for the theft and delivery of dinosaur embryos in a mock shaving cream can. The intended plan called for him to meet the smugglers at the north harbor of Isla Nublar, but due to a storm and time constraints, he's forced to disable the island's power. This act results in the escape of numerous predatory dinosaurs from their pens. After Nedry, unable to see through the storm, crashes his jeep, he's stalked and gruesomely murdered by an escaped Dilophosaurus.

Jurassic Park: The Game

His failure to deliver the Barbasol can is the plot point that brings Nima Cruz deeper into jungle. When she searches the area, his ravaged corpse is still sitting in the car where he was left in the movie.

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