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That's an LED screen

Densha de Go! tasks players with getting a train to its destination within a set amount of time while following all conditions in between. It features real-life railway routes such as the Yamanote and Sagano lines. Most console releases included a special controller in the shape of a conductor's controls with pedals, a lever and handle to control throttle and braking.


Leaving the station (Densha de Go!)

Gameplay in the series has generally remained constant. Players guide their train from one station to the next while obeying speed limits, alerting work crews, and stopping within the platform's designated area. Time is rewarded or taken away for obeying or disobeying the laws. Upon reaching a station, points are tallied for time taken, rules broken, and distance from the end of the platform. Later spinoffs focused on specific types of trains (steam engines, electric trams) and other popular railroad lines (Nagoya and Sanyō Shinkansen).

Legacy and the Future of

It's a card game with trains

After the release of Densha de Go! Final Taito ceased development of the series, citing increased production costs and the lack of fan interest. Mobile developer Gree continues to develop mobile versions of the games, while Unbalance Corporation ported many of the games to the PC in 2007. In 2010 Square-Enix acquired the franchise and released one game for the Nintendo DS. In 2012, Taito celebrated the series' 15th anniversary by releasing to arcades Card de Renketsu! Densha de Go!, a card-based game.

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